Thiago Silva: Why would I accept to earn less money to play for Barca?

Thiago Silva has asked why he was supposed to earn less at Barcelona. The PSG star’s comments were captured by The Guardian newspaper and says that “It was a difficult decision to say no twice to Barcelona”.

Thiago Silva says “life is full of tough decisions that sometimes go against what you dream.” Continue reading

Paris Saint-Germain threaten to take Leo Messi

French club Paris Saint-Germain have issued a warning to Barcelona in case they get Thiago Silva. The owner of PSG has said in an interview on that he will have no problem executing Leo Messi’s buyout clause if Barcelona insist and finally get their valuable central defender Thiago Silva. Read more about the Sheik’s threat here

Marquinhos could be key to unlocking Thiago Silva deal

Marquinhos could be the key to unlocking a deal with Thiago Silva and the Roma defender is in the crosshairs of both Barca and Paris Saint-Germain. Both clubs are interested in the 19 year-old and are studying the possibility of a summer transfer.More on Roma’s Marquinhos

Barca hit list of players in case Thiago deal falls flat

You never know in football and what is said today is another thing tomorrow. In case that any deal with Paris Saint-Germain player Thiago Silva should fall through, there is a list of players that are on Barca’s hit list. We provide a profile and explain the qualities that Barca are looking for in each player. Read more about the hit list here

PSG insist on keeping hold of Thiago Silva

French club Paris Saint Germain insist on keeping hold of Thiago Silva. According to French newspaper Le Parisien, PSG’s owner Sheik Nasser Al-Khelaifi does not wish to sell the Brazilian central defender as he considers him one of the pillars of the club and a valuable asset. Read more about Thiago Silva

Qatar has key to unlock Thiago Silva deal

It appears that Qatar has the key to unlocking a deal that would bring Paris Saint Germain’s Brazilian defender Thiago Silva to the Camp Nou. It’s a complicated operation that will have to be dealt with by Sandro Rosell and his contacts in Qatar to get PSG’s owner Sheikh Nasser al Khelaifi to start talking about a possible deal. More on Thiago Silva

Why Barca won’t be signing Marquinhos, David Luiz or Thiago Silva

Three central defenders that Barca won’t be signing this summer are the following: Marquinhos, David Luiz or Thiago Silva. Neither of the three Brazilians will be coming to the Camp Nou this summer for various reasons but the main ones are because of a lack of height, quality or a high price tag. More on Marquinhos, David Luiz and Thiago Silva