Thiago Silva: Why would I accept to earn less money to play for Barca?

Thiago Silva had to think twice before finally turning down the opportunity to play for Barca. The Paris Saint-Germain player was eventually seduced by the new project presented to him by the French club, dismissing the chance to sign for a club, as explained in ‘The Guardian’ newspaper: “I have admired since I was a child.”

“I would have liked to play for Barcelona”
The Brazilian central defender acknowledges, “it was a difficult decision to say no twice to Barcelona. It’s never been a secret that I have admired Barca since I was a child and have always wished to play for the club.”

However, 28 year-old Thiago Silva says that “life is full of tough decisions that sometimes go against what you dream.” And in a statement that is less than surprising, the PSG player reveals: “I heard people saying that I was only thinking about the money, but they forget we have families to feed.”

Perhaps that is why the Paris Saint-Germain player asks “why should he accept less money to play for Barcelona and why are the players expected to make sacrifices?”

On the player’s decision to stay in Paris, Thiago also weighed up “the new challenge” the French club offered which appealed to him immensely because, in his view, “the club is on the right track.” PSG counter attacked Barca’s advances with a €12m a year for Thiago Silva.

If Barca had been able to sign Thiago Silva they would have had to pay him similar wages to that of Xavi or Iniesta as the Brazilian would not have wanted any less.Only this week we found out that the Catalan club is to reward Andrés Iniesta with a salary of around 12M per season plus add-ons.

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    Valora en Thiago Silva has asked why he was supposed to earn less at Barcelona. The PSG star’s comments were captured by The Guardian newspaper and says that “It was a difficult decision to say no twice to Barcelona”. Thiago Silva say…