Qatar has key to unlock Thiago Silva deal

Catalan giants Barcelona are in the throes of designing a strategy to sign Thiago Silva. It’s turning out to be a very complicated operation because neither the Paris Saint-Germain board nor his coach are willing to part with such a valuable player. Barcelona knows that the player’s wage bill will not be a barrier even though it’s way off the mark of what the current Barcelona squad earns.

The problem is to find the key to unlock the operation in PSG’s offices and get Sheikh Nasser al Khelaifi to enter negotiations with the Catalan club. Barca president Sandro Rosell, will need to count on his contacts in Qatar, who is the largest sponsor of FC Barcelona via the Qatar Foundation: a company controlled by the government of that country which also has great presence in the Parisian club.

Once talks start to take place, it’s just a question of reaching a price for Thiago Silva. There is talk of an initial offer of 32 million euros being tabled, but ultimately, Barca will have to put more money on the table if they want to bring one of the best defenders to the Catalan club. With that money, Paris Saint-Germain will break even in their signing of him but will surely want to reap some kind of benefit after Thiago Silva’s great season with the French club and his performance at the Confederations Cup.

It would be a blow to lose Thiago Silva

It would be a blow for PSG to lose such a quality player, especially as they have just lost Ancelotti to Real Madrid. If the idea of Sheikh Nasser al Khelaifi is to turn PSG into one of the biggest clubs in Europe, he wouldn’t be doing any favours to the club or its fans by giving away one of its best assets.

Laurent Blanc, PSG’s new coach, is also frowning on letting Thiago Silva go: “I spoke with him on Tuesday and he said he felt very Parisian. I’ve seen him very focused for the next season and we are already preparing an individual program recovery.” said Blanc.

Barcelona on the other hand, are not in a hurry because they first have to solve the issue of transferring several of their current players.

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  1. Babalaweey says

    I am a barcelona fans. I wish them 2 sing wayne rooney bec0use he is 0ne 0f the biggest players in the w0rld

  2. I will like wayne rooney to be a barcelona player.

  3. Zatlanzo says

    Hello i am Rédha, culè from Algéria, i think that Barça must signe a central quickly and forget T. Silva Nasser Al Khalifi tell it to day to SPORT, Silva are not for sale !!! they have to signe Luiz or Marquinhos

  4. ibrahima says

    i am great barcelona fan from senegal west disapointed me because befor thiago silver will move to psg barcelona was so close to the deal with millan ac. for me it will be very divicult to have thiago silver in camp nou.or we make more money

  5. giffard kakumbi says

    Signing for tiago silver wil b a big blow he is such a wonderful player he can help barca.

  6. Nayema is pear feact playa be cous messi is srayka it vey it would apontment

  7. emeke emM says

    Pls barca we need Silva at our club

  8. Mr Vilanova pls! buy a good player this club, such like Ter stegen, Thiago silva, Rooney. I will be happy all player that I mention in this club for 2013/2014 season. Barca!!!

  9. I dnt tink barca cn sign silva coz 4 barca 2 sign silva is going 2 b a big tym spending nd psg ar nt willing 2 sale him coz dey are trying 2 mk a better taam 2moro let barca leave dat guy alone nd fine solution 2 dere problem I tink dat could b better

  10. francis says

    Am from uganda and 100% Barca supporter bt if silva fails to cm let vila nova try luiz he is also an aggresive defender

  11. Im barca fans from nigeria i wt barca 2 buy t.silva or d.luiz an keeper like diego lopez or j cesar

  12. Abdulsamad says

    Tnx barca fans


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