Why Barca won’t be signing Marquinhos, David Luiz or Thiago Silva

For various reasons, none of the three Brazilian central defenders will be signed by Barca this summer. Lack of height, quality or a high price tag seem to be the main reasons.


He’s not exactly imposing and is quite similar to Javier Mascherano

Marquinhos (Marcos Aoás Corrêa) has made a name for himself at Roma this season as a central defender with a great future. He Turned 19 on 14th May and his price valuation has sky rocketed. Reports on the Brazilian are good at Barca but he is considered not to meet the height requirements for one of the club’s key roles.

His height of 1m 80cm is somewhat insufficient considering that Tito Vilanova wants a very tall centre back. Besides, the club already has Mascherano who is blessed with similar characteristics to those of Marquinhos who is noted for his speed in cutting out attacks. Barca needs other qualities but the Brazilian is liked at the Catalan club.

David Luiz

Not for his high price nor his quality

David Luiz has been watched by Barca for several years now. In his time at Benfica the Catalan club followed his progress and was among the options to strengthen the Barca defense last season. Sadly, neither his price tag nor his conditions imposed persuaded the club to undertake such an investment that never seems to drop below 25M euros.

Mourinho seems to have given the OK to sell Luiz but Chelsea paid 30M euros in 2011 and wants to claw back some of the investment. The player’s height (1m.89cm) would meet Tito Vilanova’s requirements at the back in the rear but the coaching staff believe him to be somewhat slow to complement Gerard Pique, with speed not being one of his greatest virtues as a defender.

Thiago Silva

A high transfer fee and unaffordable

If there wasn’t so much money involved, Thiago Silva would be Tito Vilanova’s main priority for next season. Last year Silva was made a priority and there were contacts but the Brazilian Centre back came up with some unacceptable demands for the Catalan club.

French outfit Paris Saint-Germain agreed to pay Thiago Silva a whopping 8.5M euros per year after tax – more than Xavi and Iniesta and only surpassed by Leo Messi.

The French club ended up paying 42M euros to Milan. His transfer fee wouldn’t be less than that this summer either. Thiago Silva, who is just three months shy of 29, doesn’t want to lower his price and therefore won’t figure in Barca’s plans for next year.

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  1. blueblood says

    yeah but it is not easy amigo to find a defender with both height and speed. Barca should do some scouting not just go for obvious star players. What about inigo martinez, we can get him along with a more experienced player like bonucci, chiellini or ranocchia. We should buy a gud cheap young prospect and an older experienced player to stabilize things. Chiellini can play in left back as well in games when we are facing good wingers

  2. Hummels is better

  3. Grate barca

  4. i need both thiago silva and david luiz cox of absence of puyol and pique

  5. un2say says

    we need david luiz and nothing more
    Forzzzaaaaa Barca

  6. umar wada barcelonian says

    Luiz is the best for Barca

  7. sani ahmad says

    I prefer Hummels to David Luiz

  8. Auld Super says

    The last thing Barca need is another headless chicken running around at the back , like Luiz !

  9. Ameen musa says

    I think david lz is better for barcelona.

  10. Amjedowv says

    Barca need to reinforce the defence with solid CB and DM, Silva and Luiz is there options but Barca bad luck that PSG will keep silva and JM is aware of luiz posion to replace terry.
    The german gaints crushed spain gaints in historical and in a dramic way that no one will forget and declaring loudly its the german era.

  11. let them go we will have a younger starlets.

  12. opiro james says

    If barca could bring in both Luiz and Thiago silver then our net will not be shaking regularly at least once in a while, then I am sure all trophies will be for barca,


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