Messi still without a trophy with the Albiceleste

chile win copa america 2015

Angelo Henriquez, Mauricio Isla and Gary Medel celebrate Chile’s win over Argentina

After a classic performance against Paraguay in the semifinals, Argentina failed to score a single goal in the regular 90 minutes of play and 30 minutes of extra time in their final match against Chile. The match ended nil-nil and went on to penalties which the Chileans won 4-1. It was another heartbreaking moment for Messi and the Albiceleste who less than a year ago also lost the World Cup final in Brazil.

Without a doubt the Chileans really deserve this one. They were determined from the start of this match and frustrated the Argentines till the end. And as Messi and the rest of the Argentine squad heads home, Santiago and the rest of Chile were already busy celebrating the first major international title in a football tournament they’ve just won.

Messi only has few chances left

As a player for FC Barcelona and as an individual, Messi has already won everything every footballer can ever dream of. Since his first appearance in the club in 2004 when he was just 17 years old, he had already won 7 Liga, 3 Copa del Rey and 4 Champions League titles with the club. Last month, he just had his second treble with Barca. He had won the FIFA Ballon d’Or three times and the European player of the year and FIFA world player of the year once.

But with his playing career for his country, he is yet to win even a single trophy. He just had his 102nd appearance with the Albiceleste in their final match against Chile at the Copa America, but still has nothing to show for. After ten years of playing with the squad, the Barcelona forward is still looking for a first title with the team. At 28, many experts believe that Messi may only have 2 World Cups left. He may also have 3 more Copa America tournaments left in the future including the special edition of the tournament next year in the US to commemorate its centenary. Time is clearly not on his side now.

Legacy still incomplete

Many football pundits agree that winning a title with the Argentine national team would complete Messi’s legacy as one the best football players of all time. He started both of his professional club football and international careers at a very young age. Now in his late-20s, he has already won all the titles he possibly can with Barcelona. But on the international stage, will he be able to finally win at least one title before he retires in the future?


  1. nkwatigerald says

    luck is luck I blame Higuain for this mess

  2. Messi is just unlucky but god is great is not easy to have everything in life. A day will come and sure he will laugh.