Dortmund to open door to Hummels in 2014

Mats Hummels

Mats Hummels will be allowed to leave Borussia Dortmund next year says “Bild”.

According to the German newspaper “Bild”, the German defender has received permission from his club to negotiate his signing for Barcelona next season.

The German club itself has vehemently denied over and over again that the future of the player is outside of Dortmund. But the truth is that he has always appeared on the list of possible defenders wanted by Barcelona with the player himself letting the Catalan giants know that he would love to come to Barcelona. The player did say in May earlier this year that it was “Barcelona or nothing” for him and now his dream could come true.

Mats Hummels would come to pick up where Carles Puyol would leave off. Blighted by injuries and, in theory, not far to go in what’s left of a brilliant football career at Barca. In fact, the arrival of Mats Hummels would not be incompatible with the signing of another future central defender in the winter transfer market.

Meanwhile in Germany, Borussia Dortmund claim that the club has chosen the replacement of their prized defender for next year. Fabian Schär, the Basel central defender, appears to be the main objective of Jürgen Klopp. The manager would have to buy a top player so as not to see his side’s defensive qualities diminished with the exit of Hummels.

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