Barca thump Real Sociedad by 4 goals to 1

barcelona v real sociedad 2013

There were three goals in the first half from Barca and they came courtesy of Neymar, Messi and Busquets. De La Bella snatched one back for the visitors in the 64th minute with Marc Barta rounding off the Catalan giants’ score to make it a final 4-1 in the 76th minute.

Real Sociedad got it wrong at the Nou Camp and rotated their squad, which proved a wrong move, especially against a Barca machine that is quickly gaining in impetus.

It was Real Socidead that gave Valdés a fright with Seferovic’s shot hitting the crossbar. Apart from a decent spell in the beginning of the first half, the visitors failed to impress at the Nou Camp and bother Barca too much.

Neymar scored a tap-in just after 4 minutes when the ball came over from the right from Alexis which wasn’t picked up by Bravo with his defender Cadamuro not reading from the same page as himself. It was like rolling out the red carpet for Neymar to score.

Barca’s second came courtesy of a Neymar-Messi combo which saw the Brazilian skip down the left to cross for Messi to head in at Bravo’s far post just after 7 minutes.

The Catalan’s third was a clinical strike from Sergio Busquets from just outside the box. After some intense play inside the area the ball came out to Busquets who flicked the ball up with his right and half-volleyed the ball into Bravo’s corner. Things didn’t look good for Real Sociedad with Barca playing like this.

In the second half it was Real’s turn for a bit of luck and it came from De La Bella.The left back got on the end of a cross from the right which left the Barca defense wanting. Agirretxe brought the ball down beautifully in the box and crossed for De La Bella to knock it in Valdés’ net.

In the 76th minute, we saw Bartra’s effort go in from some nice play from Messi. The Argentine took on the Real Sociedad defense and crossed from the left to leave Bartra to beat Bravo with a tap-in. Barca seems to have found their central defender in Bartra and the crowd seemed to think so, too.

Real Sociedad has to turn the page regarding this clash.They have some good players who’ll be back in the side soon and they’ll need them as the club is playing in three competitions.Real shouldn’t let this setback put them off as they have a great side who are capable of a lot more.

Great Skill from Neymar against Real Sociedad

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