Fabregas finally goes public about leaving the club

Cesc Fabregas has finally come out and said in public that he doesn’t want to leave the Catalan giants.

The Barcelona midfielder appeared at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today to publicly declare his commitment to the Catalan club. “I have always felt loved here at Barca” said Fabregas, speaking about the rumours of his possible departure from the Catalan club.

As Barca’s pre-season is in full swing, Fabregas admitted that he “has never hesitated to stay at the club” and he knows what he has to do “to improve,” said the Barcelona midfielder.

On his supposed links with Manchester United and other European teams, Fabregas is impressed by all the speculation generated. “I am surprised that all this fuss has been created when Tito Vilanova, Zubizarreta, Bartomeu and Gerardo Martino said that I had to continue at the club.”

The player has also denied any personal contact, confessing that he “has not spoken to anyone outside the club.”

Cesc continued talking about the interest from the ‘Red Devils’: “When a team makes you two very important offers, it’s very flattering, but I have never spoken to anyone from Manchester United” he confessed.

On a team level and the demands that the team requires of a player, Fabregas noted that “Barcelona is the most demanding club” and that only “Real Madrid is the club that comes close in terms of the excellence that the fans require of you,” he said.

On that note, it looks like both the board and the fans have got what they wanted in the beginning from Cesc Fabregas: a public announcement of his love for the club and a desire to stay.

Has Fabregas made the right decision? Once the new season gets under way, it may be a different story and we can only hope that Gerardo “Tata” Martino will count on the excellent midfielder.

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