93million euros for Gareth Bale

Yesterday UK newspaper The Sun,  reported that Gareth Bale wants out of Tottenham and a deal with Spanish giants Real Madrid. Today, the same newspaper reports that Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy, has rejected a staggering offer for the Welsh wizard of £81 million or 93million euros!

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, they say that Gareth Bale is furious that his club have turned down such a good offer. It’s an offer which is even better than what Real paid for Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United in 2009.

Gareth Bale understood that Spurs would accept an “out of this world” deal for him but seeing that the chairman has refused has just made him angry.

According to The Sun, this is what Marca reported. Marca claim Bale told Levy: “You made me a promise. You promised me if we didn’t qualify for the Champions League and a good offer turned up you’d listen to it.

“Well that offer has arrived and I want to play for Real Madrid. So keep your word and negotiate.”

Tottenham’s coach Andre Villas-Boas has said that talks with Bale were ongoing to try and extend his stay at White Hart Lane. Tottenham are in South China at the moment as part of their pre-season warm up and Bale missed the first game against Sunderland due to injury. He looks set to miss today’s game too against South China AA. Villas-Boas claims Bale has a buttock injury but sources close to the Welshman say he’s fit enough to play.

For Daniel Levy and Tottenham, some would say it is foolish to turn down such a figure for a player like Gareth Bale. I’m sure Tottenham fans would rather keep him at White Hart Lane for at least another season.Then we have the future of the player to consider. Chance like this do not come around too often and Bale is probably thinking that he’ll miss the train if he doesn’t go now.

If he does end up in La Liga in Spain, it would certainly be good for entertainment and would make a pairing with Cristiano Ronaldo similar to that of Messi-Neymar.

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  1. that is just a copy of the comic marca if bale is in talks with levy is there a body sitting in the room with them to able them to print rubbish

  2. sell bale .. i am a spursfan but all this money they can by 3-4 topclass player for that.. contraro left back.. soldado striker and also Hulk for zenit or damio from brazil also..

  3. ParkLane67 says

    Is it coincidence that the words attributed to Gareth Bale are almost identical to those attributed to Luka Modric two years ago? Could this be that Marca (alias Real Madrid) are simply rehashing an old story and just changing the names?

  4. Marca printed a story they made up and papers over here pick up on it because it will sell papers. The fact that it’s not true doesn’t seem to bother journalists who think they are above the law. The Sun newspaper is the bottom end of the market, the ‘gutter’ press over here, Marca are viewed in the same way in the UK..

  5. The so called “Bale quotes” are actually the exact quotes that Marca published according to what Modric apparently told Levy when Madrid wanted him. Check it out and spread the word its all lies.

  6. The Spanish press is clearly making the story up. to see the lies is easy and the truth is all very simple.

    IF Tottenham Hotspurs Choose to sell Gareth Bales contract then It is up to Spurs to choose when. I think any idiot could sell a player at the first offer. Its a little more complicated when you consider that if you sell anyone for 80M then, whenever you go out to purchase a replacement the selling club will automatically put their price up! obviously. So If I were spurs and I wanted to sell Gareth then I would Sell Gareth Bale after I had purchased my replacements.

    The stories about Gareth Bale saying he is angry Daniel Levy has not accepted Madrid’s First offer are clearly wrong. Gareth Bales is an intelligent person (more so it seems that the idiot that made the story up)so of course IF Gareth wanted to leave (which I doubt) he would leave the negotiations up to Daniel levy. I think Spurs are clear that no player is bigger than the club, so IF they want to leave then they are able too.

    Last point, in the UK any player that truly wants to leave puts in a transfer request. He does not get angry with the manager or put stories in the press. As NO transfer request has been received by Spurs then clearly Gareth does not want to leave.

    Please reporters, credit the readers with a little intelligence. We are NOT stupid. Your story is clearly a pack of lies and embellishment’s or you would simply have said Bale has put in a transfer request and Madrid are just negotiating the final price…I agree no story in that is there.

  7. It’s insignificant holding onto Bale because even if the management do he will not perform to expectations,so aspect the highest bidder for Gareth.


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    Valora en Bitacoras.com: According to UK newspaper The Sun, Tottenham Hotspur has rejected an astronomical bid for their prized asset, Gareth Bale by Real Madrid. The Welshman is understood to be angry as he though he had an understanding with Totten…..