First blood to Guardiola as Bayern beats Barca 2 goals to nil

The fans have been waiting for weeks for this one and it ended in tears for Barca as ex coach Pep Guardiola managed to get one over his old team by beating them by 2 goals to nil in a game which saw 21 substitutions.

The Ulie Hoeness Cup was won by Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena stadium to a sell out crowd who were waiting in anticipation as to what the outcome would be.

Bayern’s first goal came on 15 minutes courtesy of a Philipp Lahm header from a cross by French star Franck Ríbery. Later in the second half, it was Croatian Matsu Mandzukic’s turn to strike picking up a centre from Contento to make it 2 nothing with just a few minutes remaining on the clock.

The young Catalan side were dominated throughout long spells of the game by a far more experienced Bayern side. Guardiola fielded a team full of experience players, many coming from the first eleven. It looked like Guardiola was taking no chances and wanted this one in the bag.

Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano and Alex Song started for the Catalans and interim boss Jordi Roura, who’s taking charge until Tata Martino takes the reins today, fielded an even more youthful side in the second half.

Barca looked like they were still on vacation and Guardiola took advantage to strike first blood against his old side at a sellout Allianz Arena for the first outing of the Uli Hoeness Cup.

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  1. barca fielded a weakened team with absences to major players like xavi, ini, neymar, puyol,pique,pedro,busquet and valdes. The media has been disgusting in reporting this news some even seeing it as an evidence of barcas annihilation. Man utd lost to an indonesian team and no one cared. But when a barca team deprived of most of their quality players lose to the european champions then barca is dead. Your took the same tone of other journalists and i expected better from a fan site

  2. First of all I don’t think the media has been disgusting in its report of the match. Secondly, we tell it like it is. Did you even watch the match? You say “a Barca team deprived of most of their quality players” – Barca were not deprived, they just didn’t field them, that’s all. That’s football mate. A true Barca fan can take the good and the bad 🙂


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    Valora en It was first blood to Bayern Munich and Pep Guardiola on Wednesday night at the Allianz Arena in Munich for the first running of the Uli Hoeness Cup. Both teams were playing to a sell out crowd which saw an amazing 21 substit…..