Andres Iniesta: “When you’ve won a lot, you’re a lot closer to losing”

Andres Iniesta, Barcelona’s midfielder who is currently on duty with Spain, was reflecting just hours before the debut of the Spanish national side in the Confederations Cup on the possibility that the team stops winning titles and said that “when you’ve won a lot, you’re more closer to losing than ever before.”

“Everyone always wants to win because it is what we train and work for. This is the goal we have, but it is true that when you’ve won you’re a lot closer to losing than winning again,” he said in an interview to Sefutbol.

“We have to seek out new challenges because even if you win a lot there is always something different. We are missing the Confederations Cup, which we came close to winning last time. It’s a nice showcase in which to win the Cup,” he added.

Iniesta stressed the difficulty of Spain’s opener in Recife against Uruguay: “We know them very well. They are a very strong team and when they don’t have the ball, they can be very aggressive in the best sense of the word. They have front row players that can make the difference.”

The Barca midfielder gave thanks to the goal that gave Spain its first World Cup in Johannesburg. He spoke of the warmth he receives on many rival’s pitches when he visits them with FC Barcelona.

“The national side has given me this recognition. I can only thank the people who like how I do things. Such love and respect is beautiful and special to me. Nobody is obliged to applaud when you’re on the opposing team and things are not going well for your own team. I have often been equally applauded. I will always be in debt to those fans, he ended”.

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  2. Indeed Iniesta is a great player which almust 2/3 majority of the fans are indepted to even the rivals, therefore I encourage players to emulate the habit of the great Iniesta nt only at the national levels but at the club site

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