Barca falls apart at the Allianz Arena

Like a well oiled piece of machinery, Bayern set out to take Barca out of the game last night at the Allianz Arena in Munich and they did it convincingly, too.

A first class act from the Bayern Munich team that was reminiscent of the glory days of the German international team where they steamrollered their way to World cup finals.

Barca now have it all to do back home at the Camp Nou and something tells me they might not be able to pull off a second historic comeback in this year’s Champions League.

We would love it to be possible but what we witnessed last night was a demolition job of the world’s best football club.

Goals came from Müller (2) Mario Gómez and Arjen Robben and the goal avalanche began in the 24th minute by Müller himself.

With Messi still not cooking on gas, the Bayern team took the little Argentine out of the match with ease, seemingly opening up the old wound of ‘Messi dependancy’.

The Bayern defense was outstanding with Javi Martinez,Müller and Schweinsteiger providing solid performances.

It was as if Bayern set out to take Barca apart piece by piece and they succeeded.

The Hungarian ref who the Barca fans seemed to warm to when they heard that he was in control of the match, quickly turned into their enemy.

Viktor Kassai didn’t see 3 handballs by Barca players in the penalty area and 3 of Bayer’s goals didn’t look 100% legal according to Spanish sports paper Marca.

In the second half Barca needed some quick changes to provide a breath of fresh air to his team but Tito Vilanova held back as much as he could until it became absurd. At 2-0 Vilanova should have been making changes to his team but held off until the 37th minute of the second half to bring on David Villa for Pedro. It was hardly enough time for Villa to strike gold and get at least a valuable away goal.

It’s going to be tough at the Camp Nou and everyone knows it. The Germans think they are in the final, their second in two seasons, and quite rightly so.

If anyone can turn this around it’s Barca. The second leg match against AC Milan was one of the best performances of Barca this year and it was a thoroughly deserved win by the Catalans.

Barca need to make it happen again next week at the Camp Nou in order to qualify for the finals.Tonight Real Madrid clash with Borussia Dortmund in the first leg semi final. Will they suffer the same fate as Barca? We shall see.

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