Valdes and Pedro put France to the sword

Spain silenced its critics last night and also silenced France in a one nil thriller in the Stade de France in Sant Denis. One day Spain will lose and it may be in next years World Cup, who knows? But last night Spain won against a pugnacious France team who seemed to have the ref on their side.

Pogba got shown the red after a double yellow for dangerous play but the France keeper Lloris should also have walked after bringing down Pedro in the box – a tackle seen more on a rugby field than a football pitch.

Barca midfielder Xavi could have scored within five minutes of the first whistle but it wasn’t to be. France was a great rival but Spain held true to their style and took control of the match.

Victor Valdes stop against France

Barca’s goalkeeper Victor Valdes had a great game too, stopping a one on one with Franck Ribery and a venomous header fro Patrice Evra among others.

Pedro’s goal came on the 58th minute from a cross from Monreal and after a goalmouth scramble, the Barcelona forward managed to get a foot on the ball and put it past a hapless Lloris who couldn’t stop the ball from going in.

Spain are now top of their group and lead France by just a point. The match referee, Hungarian Viktor Kassai, did not want to complicate things too much and freely forgave several yellow cards before swallowing the red card he should have given to Lloris.

France sought to unbalance the Spain team on the counter attack and almost succeeded when Gerard Pique was caught out and Ribéry couldn’t put away thanks to the expertise of Victor Valdes, who beat him in a mano a mano. It was the first stop of the night for Valdes who played very well in Iker Casillas’ place.

Victor’s only problem is that his place is usually taken by the best goalkeeper in the world but in any other national team would be a permanent fixture.

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    Valora en The Spanish national team La Roja silenced France in a one nil thriller in the Stade de France in Sant Denis last night whilst silencing their critics, too. With a referee who didn’t fancy complicating things and who forgave ….