We couldn’t have asked anything else of Roura says Sergio Busquets

“Tito is essential for us, we have noticed his absence,” admits the Barca defender.

Sergio Busquets has admitted that Barcelona noticed the absence of Tito Vilanova after he left for New York for treatment of his health problem while at the same time showing his happiness for the coach’s return.

“We are looking forward to seeing him again, he is a cornerstone for us and we have noticed his absence,” said Busquets in an interview given to Canal Movistar, recorded with the Spain national team just before Tito Vilanova arrived back in Barcelona from New York.

However, Sergio Busquets wanted to acknowledge publicly the hard work put in by the club coach, Jordi Roura, who took over the team two months ago following the departure of Tito to the United States.

“We cannot ask anymore from Jordi, he has come to our defense at press conferences right in front of us, he has done what he had to do and has our full support and recognition,” expressed Busquets.

It’s been a tough two months with Tito Vilanova in New York and Jordi Roura having to take over the reins and Sergio Busquets has spoken up for the number two coach which is a noble thing to do.

It’s not been a walk in the park for Barca and the team has had a few nightmare games where Roura’s tactics were called into question. Now that Vilanova is back, I’m sure he’ll straighten a few things out at the club and get everything running like clockwork once again.

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  1. Sincerely speaking, our game was never ok without Vilanova, now that He’s back, i believe everything will definitely go back to normal, we really felt his absence. Welcome back Boss. Barca 4 life.


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