Andoni Zubizarreta: “Vilanova will be coaching Barca next year”

Barca’s sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, has confirmed that the club’s coach for next season will be Tito Vilanova. “Vilanova will coach the club next year,” he said in an interview with RAC1. “Our biggest victory will be Tito returning to Barca,” he added.

The Barcelona sporting director also spoke about the match against A.C Milan. “Because of the importance of the game itself, it is perhaps the most complete game of the season., After the second goal I thought this day is ours. That was my feeling. In Champions League matches, the smallest details are of utmost significance and we saw that”.

“Tito is fine. He’s looking good and his weight is good. His mood is good. Everything’s fine. He’s in fine shape but we know that these treatments wear you down.”

“I have not spoken to Tito since the game ended. There are days that have to be enjoyed from within. Tito deserves this and has more important things than a comeback on his mind,” said Zubizarreta, who declined to give a date for the return of the Barca coach. “According to doctors’ reports I feel it’s a bit premature to give an exact date. Anyone who has ever undergone an operation is usually told one day to the next. In this sense, it would be more discreet. We need to be prudent.”

Zubizarreta made it clear that Vilanova will take over as coach again. “Later this month we hope Tito Vilanova is back with us predicted. He’ll be in control of the schedule. If he wants to be here on the first day, morning, noon and night, that’s fine. He is in charge,” he said. He also spoke about his current health situation and remarked that Tito Vilanova was fine, looking good and in high spirits. Such aggressive treatments can take their toll on the body but being connected with football gives him vitality.

The Barca sporting director also spoke about number two coach Jordi Roura who’s standing in for Vilanova. “He’s been under a lot of pressure and it’s been a complicated process. It was what we thought we had to do. I never once thought that it was not the solution. We decided that it should be like this from the start,” he said.

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