Madrid prefer Barca now to a Champions League final showdown

Real Madrid is ready for a new confrontation in the event that they draw FC Barcelona in tomorrow’s quarter-final Champions League draw. In fact, the merengues prefer to meet the Catalans now before they face each other in a hypothetical final.

This is the general feeling that is running through Real Madrid after A.C Milan was eliminated by Barcelona. Something has changed in the team. They say it with respect, but have gained much in confidence after the last two “classic” games this season.

The balance of play is three wins, two draws and one defeat. Real Madrid, over two legs, began the season by winning the Spanish Supercup and, in the same way; the team has recently eliminated Barca from La Copa del Rey. In the two league games, they have achieved a 2-2 draw at the Camp Nou and 2-1 win at the Bernabeu.

This means that they feel able again, to beat them in 180 minutes. If tomorrow’s hype holds true and produces another “classico”, it wouldn’t be seen as a drama or something fateful. The fear is gone. If the two teams were to meet in the semi finals of the Champions League, then all the better, because it will have meant that they have got through another round.

But given the choice, Real Madrid would prefer to meet twice in the Champions League rather than meet Barca in the final. And that is taking into account the final of La Copa del Rey in which Real Madrid beat Pep Guardiola’s Barca in Valencia.

The Real Madrid players said when they won 1-3 at the Camp Nou and eliminated Barca from La Copa del Rey that the Nou Camp was a talisman and that Madrid played well there. They would have loved to play the Copa del Rey final there.

Whatever happens at tomorrow’s draw, there are 3 Spanish teams in it as Malaga beat Oporto last night by 2 goals to nil. It’s also a sad day for the Premiership as for the first time in 17 years there will not be any English clubs represented in the quarter finals. Arsenal played very well last night thrashing Bayern Munich by 2 goals to nil but in the end, it wasn’t enough to carry them through as they lost out on aggregate goals.

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  2. Blueblood says

    Barca will murder madrid. The reason barca lost was due to a lack of pressing. Madrid like last season will get very tired because they play football like hungry cheetahs running after a hungry meal. Fatigue will definately affect them and the later we play them the better. Roura and tito need to rest players and make sure that their conditioning is excellent

  3. Yes we need 2 see el classico again,

  4. I’ll prefer Paris-Saint-German in the quarter final….. Hail Barca because we can do it again.

  5. Why are Barcelona not complaining about the coach now they trashed Milan 4-0, this my problem , I lik e Jose because of these simple honest straight foward approach to life.

  6. Madrid is looking for a sorryful and shameful disgrace from Barça

  7. raji isiaka adewale says

    Let wait and see because fc barca is unpredictable team,if real mardrid or any other team all it is well.

  8. paul frank says

    very happy after barca won against ac millan
    we r ready to face any team in the world
    we got an experienced from that match
    so get ready madrid

    mourinho we need to shut up ur mouth soon
    welcome to uefa champion compitition

  9. Barcelona will deal with R Madrid ruthlessly this time..They should remember that R Madrid was lucky to play Barca when there was problem but now d problem is all over…Barcelona is now hotter than fire.

  10. okenini omega says

    we are ready 4 madrid now our pressing game is back.

  11. Love Ezeh says

    Because those Really Mad people do not play good footbal & are afraid of what reaction of UEFA could be!

  12. Uzoegheli says:
    March 14, 2013 at 23:08
    Why are Barcelona not complaining about the coach now they trashed Milan 4-0, this my problem , I lik e Jose because of these simple honest straight foward approach to life.

    Get a life man, there isn’t any coach in the World who complains more than Mourinho. RM fans knows it as well. BTW Barca didn’t complained about the absence of Tito, they have said earlier and they have said now that they are missing their mentor. Which is True by every sense. Imagine RM without Mourinho, I could imagine a mele among players themselves.


  1. Información…

    Valora en Real Madrid prefers Barca now in a quarter final clash of Spanish giants to a showdown in a hypothetical final. The quarter final draw of the Champions League takes place tomorrow and the feeling at the merengue club is that …..