Victor Valdes hit with 4 match ban after outburst

Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes has been sanctioned with a 4 game ban after being sent off last Saturday in the clasico against Real Madrid for yelling at match referee Pérez Lasa.

The goalkeeper will therefore miss the following League clashes against Deportivo, Rayo Vallecano, Celta Vigo and Mallorca.

The Catalan club has reported that the club’s legal services will submit an appeal in the next few days against the decision of the Spanish Federation’s Comité de Competición.

The decision issued by the Committee explained that expressions like “crook” or “rogue” as translated from the Spanish “sinvergüenza” or the like, are usually referred to by the Committee as attitudes of contempt or disregard because they are expressions that are generally aimed at hurting the pride or dignity of someone but without incurring personal offense.

Therefore, section 117 is often applied in such cases and is usually considered a minor offense.

But it seems different in this case as the second point of the ruling stated: “It proves here that the expression “sinvergüenza”, that determined the sending off of Valdés was accompanied by another expression such as ‘you have really f**ked up’ and was said just inches from the referee’s face.”

Therefore, taking into account the Barca goalkeeper’s actions as a whole, it has been clearly classified as offensive behaviour.

Valdes became enraged by the referee for not awarding a penalty for Sergio Ramos’ foul on teammate Adriano in the penalty area. In effect, this would have changed the game and Barca would have drawn 2-2 if the penalty had been awarded and gone in.

After the match, the keeper charged up to Lasa and started yelling in his face. The referee pulled out a yellow card to calm Valdés down but the keeper kept on forcing Pérez Lasa to finally show him a red card.

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