Tito Vilanova forgives Jose Mourinho

tito vilanova holds no grudges against mourinho

Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova said yesterday at his first press conference that he forgives Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho for the poke in the eye last season.

That’s right Tito gave his first press conference sat beside Andoni Zubizaretta and the first question he faced was about the famous “finger in the eye” by Jose Mourinho.Vilanova went on to say that the images are there for everyone to see and judge and this in a way would be a lifelong punishment for the Portuguese coach.

The unsavory images are there for everyone to see and that’s something that can’t be undone. If Zidane were not such a great player, everything he had worked towards could have been blotted out by the head butting of Materazzi in extra time of the 2006 World Cup Final when France lost to Italy on penalties. This could have scarred Zidane but he got off pretty lightly. Mourinho will be remembered for many things including his League titles in England, Portugal, Italy and now Spain but one of the most remembered things will no doubt be the poke in the eye of Tito Vilanova.

Tito Vilanova was right to forgive Mourinho

I think he was right to forgive Mourinho and let it be. It was a nasty incident but Tito is a bigger man if he lets it ride. I think he’s taking a leaf out of Guardiola’s book by turning the other cheek.

The incident happened during the Spanish Super Cup match between Barca and Real Madrid last year when Mourinho poked Villanova in the eye. The result was a two match ban by the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) and a fine of $800 for Mourinho as reported by the Associated Press. Vilanova was also fined $800 for his part in the fracas.

The ban was lifted on July 2012 which means that FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will face each other next month with their managers. The lifting of the ban was condemned by FC Barcelona via their spokesperson and Barca supporters.

This is a fine gesture by Barca’s new coach and is not to be seen as any weakness from Real Madrid or any other club in La Liga. With this gesture Tito has ensured that Barcelona’s integrity remains intact and he can now focus on the coming season.

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