Jerome Boateng Comments on the Famous Messi Dribble


May 6th at Nou Camp was witness to the Barcelona FC vs. Bayern Munich Champions League semi-final 1st leg clash. There was nothing too choose between the two sides until the 77th minute when Lionel Messi struck for the Catalans. But it was his second goal in the 80th minute that took the cake. Receiving a pass from Ivan Rakitic, Messi ran towards Bayern defender Jerome Boateng. A sudden swivel of the hips left the towering German defender stumbling and before he could recover, the magical Argentine outfoxed another defender before looping the ball over the 6ft4in Manuel Neuer to score one of the most memorable goals of the championship.

The dribble that floored Boateng became a sensation worldwide. Instead of feeling foolish, the German defender who was part of the German World Cup winning squad conceded that he was outplayed by the best player in the world. Yes, he did admit that the incident left him laughing at himself but had no regrets at being fooled by the Argentine great.

In an interview with ESPN, the German defender said “That doesn’t really affect me. I was laughing at myself. When you fall down or slip in a situation and somebody scores a goal, it’s normal. These things happen; it happens to me, it happens to other players, I don’t care about these things. For me, he’s the best player in the world. That’s football. Sometimes you look bad or something happens. I’m a defender, that doesn’t kill me or anything.”

Whatever Boateng has to say about that 80th minute dribble, one thing is certain – that piece of “Messi “ magic will be there to haunt him forever.

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  1. Atangcho Fune Celestine says

    messi is not from the planet earth. he us a magician in his career. he is the best player ever existed. there is this spirit of fear in him that when he holds the ball opponent are afraid to approach him. I dont know whether boateng was eppileptic. too bad for him he is going to remember that till the end of his live. long live messi to make us watch good and interesting football.

  2. Dj sholex says

    That is it…that is my messi. Mess them everywhere mess any stupid players that attack you and any stupid club…I love you messi you are too much…up Bacelona for live

  3. Blessing Moses Suarez Zarwolo jr. says

    I never blame boateng,messi is unstoppable.

  4. Azeez ayinde says

    Waooo incredible dat is messi 4 u