Everton to buy Barcelona’s Gerard Deulofeu

Gerard Deulofeu

Can Gerard Deulofeu reproduce the same form as before?

When Gerard Deulofeu played for Everton a few season’s back, a lot of fans were sure of the young man’s talents and felt privileged to have him at the Merseyside club.

However, it didn’t last as Barcelona saw his potential and asked for him back, only for the Catalans to loan him out to Sevilla. He’s back at the Catalans now but will be sold to Everton as the Nou Camp top brass do not think he has the right qualities for the club.

It appears that Barcelona will sell him with a heavy heart as the player is very talented. Deulofeu doesn’t believe in the simple ball believe it or not. The young man has come up through the ranks at the famed Masia youth academy but still wants to beat players Messi style instead of being a team player. That’s why he would never fit into the Barça setup. the Catalans are team players and the club ethics dictate this – it’s an all for one and one for all attitude.

Sevilla manager Unai Emery spoke of Gerard Deulofeu to Sid Lowe of The Guardian: “He has incredible qualities but lacks others. Put him out there, one on one and … pfff

“But make him play football with team-mates, on a big pitch, and it’s hard. He doesn’t have the maturity or capacity for sacrifice yet.”

“I told him: ‘There are players here who aspire to a contract like yours, men with less talent but more hunger. Iborra, Carriço, Vitolo. They know what it costs.”

“You haven’t experienced that. When you do, you’ll grow. I hope you get that. If not here, somewhere else.”

Therefore Roberto Martinez hopes to complete a £3 million deal for the Catalan in the hope that he can reproduce the same form he showed during his brief loan spell at the Merseyside club.

Under the watchful eye of Martinez, we think the 21 year-old will rekindle the same form next season which proved a massive hit with the Everton fans when he was on loan. Along with Ross Barkley, we feel at Barcelona FC Blog that Gerard Deulofeu will surely shine and not be a one season wonder.

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  1. Ross Barkley says

    Good read Aaron but you spelt my name wrong.

  2. DocHorriday says

    Seems like a win win to me, we (Everton) get a young promising player cheap who has the talent to really help the team next season, and if he does improve Barca can buy him back, its almost like an inverse loan move.

  3. My bad…sorry

  4. Jibberish says

    Hold on, Deulofeu doesn’t fit in to the clubs ethos because he wants to beat players ‘Messi-style’ and is not a team player. Perhaps I’d understand that more if you weren’t the team that had Lionel Messi; it seems somewhat contradictory to me.

  5. Hi Jibberish, is that a clue to your comment? Anyway I’ll explain the comment to you in layman’s terms. Messi is always going to be Messi and is allowed to wander around the pitch much like CR7 does for Real Madrid. However, this is where the difference lies. Whereas Messi can do what he does best because he’s Leo Messi, he’s actually a great team player – just look at the games where he doesn’t score but assists everyone else!

    Deulofeu on the other hand wants to do the ‘Messi thing’ but not assist the team as he should or as his manager would like him to. This is where the two players are worlds apart. No one doubts that Deufoleu is a good player, it’s just that he’s not a real ‘team player’ at the moment.

    Hope that clears it up for you.