Neymar is awesome but needs to learn respect on the pitch

Neymar celebrating his goal against Atletico Madrid

Neymar celebrating his goal against Atletico Madrid

There is no doubting Neymar’s ability on the pitch and now Barcelona have a three pronged attack in Neymar, Messi and Suárez, things can only get better for the Catalan club.

However, there’s one thing about the young man’s game that needs to be addressed; his attitude on the pitch when he’s winning.

This week’s ferocious clash between Atlético Madrid and Barcelona saw another side of Neymar that is best left off the pitch. He appears to like taunting the opposition and various Atlético players lost their head with him. In one instance, you can see Juanfran holding up seven fingers to Neymar. That was a friendly reminder that Germany whipped Brazil’s behinds in the last World Cup by 7 goals to 1.

Atlético’s Cani also had reason to call out Neymar stating that “one day he’ll end up in problems” but “that’s his way of playing”. He was referring to the way that Neymar plays his game, he nutmegs someone and then mouths off. Nobody likes to be made fun of on the pitch and it looks like Neymar has a lot to learn.

Gabi was shown a red card at half time in the tunnel for disputing a penalty, which then caused the captain to say that the ref “lacks personality”. He also had words for Neymar: “He has a peculiar way of playing, especially when his team is winning. He always makes odd gestures on the pitch, even more so when he’s winning.”

Barça coach Luis Enrique didn’t appear to be over concerned about Neymar’s on the pitch antics: “Neymar played the same as always, brimming with self-confidence. He brings a lot to the team. That’s his game, nobody is going to change it and we like him to be brave”.

The young Brazilian received a lot of criticism after the match especially on social media sites. Neymar responded by posting a picture of him celebrating one of his goals and said: “Nobody is obliged to like anybody else, but there is something called respect.”

We don’t know if Neymar is going to earn a lot of respect by the way he is playing as all he is doing is getting the backs up of his opponents. We can only hope the young star does learn his lesson and cools it on the pitch otherwise we’ll be having lots of repeats of matches like the last one and that’s not good for the club.

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  1. Neymar did nothing wrong, he played Athletico the only Way we could which is why we won. We are just getting the best of him, why ruin the experience with your article.