Man Utd reject David Moyes beats FC Barcelona

leo messi-david moyes

David Moyes pulled off a shock win last night at the helm of his new club Real Sociedad. The ex Manchester United manager’s new club managed to beat second placed Barcelona to pull off a fantastic win for the struggling club who are in 13th position in the Spanish League table.

A Jordi Alba own goal was enough to give the team from the north of Spain victory and David Moyes has started his Spanish career off on the good foot after a dismal year at the helm of Manchester United.

Twitter reacted as expected and the man that was coined a “football genius” by rival fans was all over the social media site as a trending topic.

Barça were keen to pounce on Real Madrid’s surprise 2-1 loss to Valencia but were unable to do so, even with Leo Messi on the pitch. It was a good result for Real Sociedad particularly when Barça’s own Jordi Alba netted the only goal of the match just after two minutes of play. Moyes’ team then had to play virtually the whole of 90 minutes a goal up. Nobody expected that the Catalans’ trip to the Anoeta Stadium in San Sebastián would end up in misery.

Valencia’s goals came courtesy of Barragán and Otamendi and gave the league leaders a run for their money in the second half who were 1 nil down thanks to a CR7 penalty.

So everything stays the same, Real Madrid lose and so do Barcelona. Time to shake the dust off and think about the next game against Elche.

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  1. Luiz Enrigue can never win any trophy as long as he is barca’s coach

  2. The man is a failure who should be shown the exit door before it gets worse,check his record at Roma and where is Roma after he left.Leaving key players as a punishment is like punishing the whole Barca community because after the lose it is us the suporters in general who cry most than the punished player.Why is this man not worried with his reputation as a coach,there is something wrong with this man.A normal coach should loose sleep if he lost a match with a star full Barca than Celta Vigo.The man is tactically bankrupt .,the man is not concerned at all and must be Real Madrid agent.