Douglas Pereira is just not on point for Barcelona

douglas in training

Douglas in training

FC Barcelona sailed past Huesca on Wednesday night with Iniesta, Rakitic, Pedro and Rafinha scoring the four goals that blew the wind out of Huesca’s sails in La Copa del Rey.

The match also served to highlight the situation with Douglas, Barça’s latest signing. The Brazilian has hardly played any minutes under manager Luis Enrique and his performance against Málaga only served as fodder for the fans to call his signing a waste of money. Luis Enrique played him last night in the cup game and gave the player a chance to redeem himself and quash any bad feelings the fans have regarding his incorporation into the Barcelona squad. Check out our post about 10 things you didn’t know about Douglas.

But instead of stepping up to the plate, Douglas put in a pitiful performance that even a second division player wouldn’t have been proud of. He was outplayed by Huesca’s front men and he was found drifting all over the pitch out of position on many occasions.

He was useless in attack and created zero danger for the Huesca defense. He was continually passing the ball backwards instead of forwards, lost the ball on six occasions and even when he did manage to cross the ball into the penalty area, it was cleared without problems by the opposing defenders.

Apart from missing an absolute golden opportunity to score and thus redeem himself, he tried to clear the ball that ended up being a fantastic cross for a Huesca forward.

I don’t know whether the 24 year old player needs more minutes on the pitch but at this rate, Barça will either cut their losses with him in January or loan him out to a second division side as he’s obviously not good enough at the moment to lace the current squad’s boots.

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  1. Let barca give Douglas more minuts to be fit enough please

  2. Gary Tuff says

    Douglas should be playing B team games to prove his worthiness. I fail to see what Montoya has done wrong not to be given his opportunity this season.

  3. Totally agree Gary

  4. useless article