Barcelona not helping Messi in Ballon d’Or

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Little Leo Messi is upset with his club for not showing any support for his quest for a 5th FIFA Ballon d’Or. Also, FC Barcelona have not campaigned on behalf of the Argentine and for what may seem trivial to some, for Leo, it’s definitely not especially when he sees rival Cristiano Ronaldo’s club Real Madrid pulling out all the stops for their talisman.

It’s not easy to understand one of the world’s greatest players motives for firing a warning shot across the bows and hint at not being at the Catalan club after the summer. He lives in a charming city where he is happy, has a contract that most players would envy which guarantees him around €250M over five years and to top it off, has won with Barcelona more trophies than any player could ever dream of.

So, what has upset Messi are the finer details it appears, the sum of which came to a head in an interview given to Argentine magazine Ole last Monday. One of those “finer points” is the fact that Barça has not even launched a campaign in favour of Messi to win a fifth Ballon d’Or. it hurts even more when he sees Real Madrid falling over themselves to help CR7 in his quest for another award. Yesterday, even one of Messi’s teammates suggested that it would be an “embarrassment” if Ronald didn’t win it. Even Messi knows that to win it this year would be very complicated. He also knows that Portugal were eliminated in the group stages of the World Cup whereby Argentina were runners up to Germany in the final. For that reason alone, he should count on some support from his own club, shouldn’t he?

Since last season, Messi has toyed with the idea of leaving his beloved club and although it may seem impossible for some as his fee would be off the radar for most clubs on this planet, the Argentine could get fed up with everything for once and for all and ask to leave the Nou Camp.

If Barcelona want to keep hold of their talisman, they should respect him a bit more and give a little back as it were. they may start with supporting him in his bid for a fifth Ballon d’Or.

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  1. he has the right to choose where he want to play

  2. Uthmanndaba says

    Barca board did not support messi that is not the case but what i want from them they shoud free him and he room where ever he wish to play in the front three