Are Barcelona competitive? The fans react.

barcelona vs almeria novemeber 2014

Are Barcelona still competitive?

Spanish sports paper Marca got its readers to have their say on whether Barça is still competitive and the results are surprising.

Although Barcelona beat lowly Almería at the weekend by 2 goals to 1 and the fans are beginning to get restless as real Madrid now have a 2 point lead over the Catalans in the league table with Atlético Madrid falling to Real Sociedad by the same margin.

One fan wrote that the problem at Barcelona started with Sandro Rosell and it has continued up till now.He also stressed that the club hasn’t included any significant changes to remain competitive either.

Another fan wrote that you get results with a combination of a good squad and a good manager. The fan went on to say that the club has wasted too much time in trying to strengthen obvious weak points in the squad and that Bartomeu didn’t have a bad first year. He finalised by saying that if you cannot get Ancelotti, get Valverde, Klopp or Guardiola – not some mid table guy (Luis Enrique).

The last fan stressed that Luis Enrique isn’t the man to take Barcelona forward.He said that Enrique’s team selection was questionable and that Barça didn’t call the shots on the field anymore.

He went on to say something I’ve been thinking all season so far in that against the big teams, Barça fails to perform. Barcelona had a nice run of success before PSG brought them down to earth in the Champions League. But it was only against small fry, not the big guns.

He finished by saying: “Barça will not win anything this season again.The current board of directors should all go. Change is needed at Barcelona. The board and its president should all go. We need Laporta back”.

Have your say – do you think these fans are right, are Barça no longer competitive? What will it take for the club to get its edge back?

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My name's Aaron and I'm a great Barça fan. I like to tell it like it is and if there is something I don't like about the club or something that needs addressing, you'll know!


  1. edmundosei says

    I totally agree with the supporter 100%

  2. The board of directors in Barcelona are useless, they keep on warming their seats doing nothing, bringing in Luis Enrique to Barcelona was like bringing Moyes to man u. if care is not taken he (Enrique) could ruin barca, my opinion is that a change in Barca is needed not just the players or coach but the board of directors also.

  3. Richard Smith says

    Barcelona are not the best team in the world…. we need changes.. gets Marco reus for the team on right flanks…Suarez in the. middles….neymar on the left flanks……Messi and iniesta marcherano should hold the midfield….. Barca should sign new strongest and tallest central defenders…. who can score a corner kick for the team…..we need kloop to manage the club …..and laporta should be back …..Barcelona for life

  4. Luis Enrique doesnt know what he is doing at Barcelona. He is not a Barcelona coach. Very poor and tactically bankrupt.

  5. We need a holistic change at fcb

  6. Uthmanndaba says

    Yes i agree that barca wil win any traphy unless they change board members and presdet becose they just need money not to addres players either

  7. The problem is we keep buying players in areas we don’t need to strengthen. We already had Messi and Neymar, why did we allow Sanchez to move on and upset Pedro by spending £75 million on Suarez when our obvious weakness for years has been in defense? As soon as Puyol started to decline, we should have immediately pursued a well established centre back to replace him. We didn’t do it and still haven’t done it. Rumours are we’re going to lose Pique in the summer, I dread to think what our defending against the big teams will be like then. I can’t see us winning anything again for a while, even with Messi, Neymar and Sanchez.

  8. christopher mark says

    i totally agree with the fans…indeed barca need a change…the coach has poor tactics,he must be target oriented

  9. Some great and constructive comments guys, keep em’ coming!

  10. Barca need midfielders, sharp and fast ones. Busquets is old sch

  11. Since two seasons ago,defender has been barca’s problem,and was surprised to be seen,Lius using thesame Pique,alves that hav becom flop of the defenc so far,week-in week-out,its seems Luis can nt deliver anything

  12. barca needs laporta back ASAP and its high time coaches are allowed to use their preferred formations in the club and not the customary 4-3-3 which is not as effective as it used to be…pique,alves,busquets,iniesta shouldn’t start games ryt now and for barca to start winning trophies again,a world class coach is needed;guardiola,mourinho,simeone,klopp,ronald koeman,pellegrini

  13. Abbey Alphonses says

    I sincerely and Honestly do agree with all that the fans have put down. Enrique must go. He really knows nothing about coaching. He’s a waste of time and space to our team. Tata Martino did not have a team like he (enrique) has now yet we were satisfied with the effort he put up last season though we went trophiless. Is high time we get quality defenders (Juan Cuadrado, Mat Hummels and Marquinhos and any other good defenders you can think of) and a good coach to manage affairs of our club.

  14. our problems started when we didnt sign thiago silva in 2012.enrique is not barca material and was appointed mostly based on sentiments of our self-destructive sporting director; dream barca wud be GK:ter stegen DF:danilo(porto),bartra,mathieu,jordi alba DM:rakitic,mascherano AMF:deulofeu,messi,neymar JR CF:suarez,wit an experienced manager at the helm.

  15. Agree with facts that we need an inspiring proven coach, Enrique is average. Players like Busi, Pedro and Iniesta are surplus to requirement. Comparing Real Madrid first 11 to Barca’s, I’m sorry to say only 2 Barca players would be amoung the starting 11. Real have used Barca to build their team while Barca remained sun bathing in Guardiola era of success. Young stars like Muniar el Haddadi can play when the game is already won. Just because he played 2 good games does not mean he is a starter. Not all la Marcia youths are Messi and not all la Marcia coaches are Guadiola.