La Liga without FC Barcelona is unthinkable

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

What would La Liga be without FC Barcelona? No more Clasico matches to look forward to and a league destined to be in the fate of Real Madrid every season I guess. Ok, so Atlético Madrid are back in the frame after some good work by Diego Simeone but La Liga for years has been a two horse race as the other clubs haven’t had the spending power of the two most outfits in Spain.

This situation however could become a reality if Catalonia gain independence from Spain with Javier Tebas, president of the Liga del Fútbol Profesional indicating that the Catalan giants along with rivals Espanyol will be ineligible to play in Spain’s football system should Catalonia vote for independence. The autonomous region of Catalonia is set to vote on independence in a referendum on November 22.

Real Madrid’s in form striker Karim Benzema believes that the Catalans should stay in La Liga whatever the outcome on November 22nd. Benzema had this to say about the problem:

“We need Barcelona to stay in the league,” Benzema said. “That’s what football is all about – two great teams like Madrid and Barca playing against each other.
“If they need to leave La Liga then that would be a problem so I hope things stay as they are.”

Benzema has hit the nail on the head and a league without Barcelona in it is just unthinkable. The club would in effect go from a top flight force to a minnow in one fell swoop.

Catalonia has been trying to gain independence from Spain for years and have even setup illegal referendums to ask its people what they think. I think the people of Catalonia will vote just like the Scots and say NO. I can think of lots of reasons why but football will be at the top. Barcelona not being able to play the arch enemy Real Madrid is actually quite a big deal in Spain and I cannot think for a moment that Catalonia would put the greatest show on earth at risk for one minute. We shall see!

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  1. Ok if that do so what league is Barça going to create

  2. Barcelona coach should start Suarez against madrid. Will need him, start him pls.

  3. A ‘no’ vote to independence by the Catalan people will not happen simply because there would be no more ‘El Clasico’. If that was the case, millions of Catalans wouldn’t risk going out to the streets demanding the referendum. This referendum goes beyond football and stems within many political differences and opinions between Spain and Catalunya. Great article Aaron, but can’t agree with the last paragraph. Indeed though, we shall see.

  4. I think Luis Suarez wiil start elclasico so that barcelona will win without goal conceded
    because the have best defenders will be able too longest running la liga 2014

  5. boluwatife says

    la liga without Barcelona is stupid , whether catalonia gain independent or not barcelona and espanyol should still play la liga


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    Valora en FC Barcelona won’t be allowed in the La Liga If Catalonia earns its independence it has been reported. According to Javier Tebas, the law will not permit a non-Spanish territory to participate in the Spanish La Liga indicat…