Luis Enrique bemoans Barcelona’s lack of precision

messi and weligton

Weligton grabs Messi as tempers soar in Malaga clash

Wednesday’s clash with Malaga ended in a goalless draw with FC Barcelona boss Luis Enrique bemoaning the lack of precision in the Catalan team.

Malaga might be the only decent rival Barcelona has come up against so far this season and who has managed to stifle the Catalan giants. It was also a night of tempers as Malaga’s Weligton Oliveira grabbed hold of Messi, who promptly fell to the ground clutching his face. According to the Malaga player from Brazil, Messi called him ‘a son of a bitch, (hijo de puta)’.

In a post-match interview, Weligton shed some light on the penalty area incident in a frustrating night for the Catalan giants who have not lost a game so far this campaign.

“Messi called me a son of a bitch.”

Weligton was given a yellow for his part in the affray, as was teammate Gerard Piqué, who rushed to the defence of the Argentine. The Brazilian defender explained the situation after the game.

“It was a play where I tried to make the wall, I blocked him and unintentionally touched his face. It wasn’t intentional. He then went looking for me and called me ‘hijo de puta.’ That’s when I grabbed his face. These are things that stay on the pitch.”

Although FC Barcelona stretched their run to an unbeaten six games without conceding a single goal, the team lacked the spark that they have shown in previous encounters as the Malaga defense worked overtime to keep the little Argentine in check.

La Liga rivals Atletico Madrid are now just two points behind the leaders as they beat Almeria away by a goal to nil.

Barça manager Luis Enrique said after the match:

“We weren’t precise in the last few metres of the pitch, but at no point did we suffer. It was the most difficult game for us so far, but that was down to what our opponents did right.
We didn’t play as well as we can and we just have to continue improving and correcting things.”

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    Valora en Luis Enrique bemoaned Barcelona’s lack of precision last night in a 0-0 draw that lacked the spark of other games this season. Tempers flared as the Malaga defense kept Messi in check with Brazilian born Weligton Oliveira gra.…