Cesc Fàbregas shocks with: “I’ll always be a Gunner”

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Cesc Fàbregas is currently a hot property at his new club Chelsea and has greatly impressed this season so far. One wonders why FC Barcelona sold the midfielder and no doubt many Barcelona fans are wondering the same, too.

However, Cesc has come out with some comments that are sure to get both Barça and Chelsea fans a bit miffed. He is enjoying Mourinho’s Chelsea project but admits to having a special place in his heart for Arsenal.

This is not to say that super Fab is not committed to the Blues, he is, but there will always be a soft spot for the Gunners. The Chelsea midfielder could never have imagined playing for Chelsea, let alone under Jose Mourinho but as the player said: “Life changes”.

Fàbregas has moved on from the Catalan giants and mostly because he was out of favour with Barça’s new coach Luis Enrique. The midfielder has moved on and is guaranteed a hot reception when Chelsea meets Arsenal for sure:

“Don’t think I didn’t think about it, playing for Arsenal’s rivals when I joined Chelsea”, said Fàbregas. “I will keep the Gunner feeling forever and I know that I will return to the club and it will be a special moment, but I am a committed guy”.

Arsene Wenger could have bought Fàbregas in the summer transfer window the Arsenal boss claimed that Fàbregas had his sights set on Chelsea. Cesc has counter claimed that Mourinho made him feel very welcome and valued at Chelsea and he wanted a move back to London. Maybe the move to West London was more to do with his “socialite girlfriend Daniella Semaan, eh Cesc?

Whatever the case, Cesc is 100% committed to the Chelsea cause and is sure that the Arsenal fans will not give him too much of a hard time when the two teams meet up.

Players that have received a hostile reception at the Emirates include Samir Nasri who joined Manchester City. Arsenal never forgave him for his acrimonious departure in the summer of 2011 when they accused him of moving purely for financial reasons.

Another player to receive a hot reception was former Gunner Ashley Cole who was dubbed Cashley Cole by the fans for his big money move to the Blues. But the one that probably took the biscuit was Sol Campbell’s move to North London rivals Arsenal from Spurs. Campbell got the hottest of receptions on his return and even on his second stint at Arsenal in 2010 where he played another 10 matches, the Tottenham fans still never forgave him. I can’t see this being the case with Fàbregas though.

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