Liverpool reject Barcelona’s claim of £10M discount

Luis Suarez transfer

Over the last few days Barcelona have been saying that they got Luis Suárez with a £10M discount, so instead of paying the full £75M asking price they paid £65M.

Barcelona vice president Jordi Mestre also said that because of Suarez’s willingness and eagerness to join the Catalan giants, this resulted in Liverpool accepting a much lower fee for their star player than originally thought.

Jordi Mestre said about the deal: “Our negotiations started some time ago before the World Cup.”
“£75m was the original price, we negotiated it down to £65m, which was down to two factors, the skill of those negotiating and Luis Suárez’s willingness to join Barcelona.
He had significant offers, better offers, but he always said he is a Barca fan.”

However, a senior Anfield source has rejected Barcelona’s claims of any discount: “That is not correct”. The Anfield club have always insisted they received the full £75m for the player.

The Uruguayan has also appeased the masses this week by saying that he is seeking professional help after biting Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup: “It is a private matter, but I have talked to the right professionals,” said the striker. Suárez has till October to “talk about his problems” with a psychiatrist as he is under ban and won’t be allowed to play by FIFA before then.

Although he was introduced in the second half of Barça’s thrashing of Mexican team Leon, that is the only opportunity we will get to see him play until October as this was a friendly match. Barcelona’s campaign kicks off this Sunday against Elche.

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    Valora en Liverpool have come out and quashed Barcelona’s claims that they got top striker Luis Suárez for £10M less than anticipated.Barcelona have claimed that instead of paying the full £75M they knocked Liverpool down to £65M, …