Was Mathieu a good buy or was Barca wasting its money?

Jeremy Mathieu

Was Frenchman Jeremy Mathieu a good buy or was Barça wasting its money? That is the question everyone is asking this morning after waking up to the news that the club has signed a 30 year-old on a four year deal for €20m euros.

It appears to many that Barcelona’s transfer policy is going from bad to worse with the introduction of the Frenchman. Ok, he’s got the height, something that Barcelona needs, but is he the ideal man for the central defender’s position?

Mathieu is the first purchase of a player in that position since the ill fated arrival of Dmytro Chygrynskiy from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2009. Chygrynskiy made just 12 appearances in the only season he was to play at the Nou Camp.

Splashing out €20m euros on a player that is 30 years old is, in many fans eyes, an erosion of true Barcelona values. Fans will want to know why they couldn’t produce an exciting central defender from the club’s famed “La Masia” youth program.

Rafael Marquez was scathing in yesterday’s post when he said: “I don’t think he has the profile to play for Barcelona and even less so for this price.”

And Barcelona legend and creator of the new style Barça, even before Guardiola, Johan Cruyff said in april to a Croatian newspaper: “Barça are vulnerable because of catastrophic failures in the last four or five years. I’m not surprised that there isn’t continuity. There isn’t a plan. There aren’t any rules.”

Cruyff is like a spot on Barcelona’s face that won’t go away. Love him or hate him, he still comes up with valuable nuggets of wisdom that the club fail to listen to.

Barcelona have chosen to go down the route of Real Madrid with signings in as much as sign a top star then ask questions.There is no doubt that Neymar is a talented young man, but look at the mess such a signing caused Barcelona. The signing of Luis Suárez also comes with much baggage and he won’t be around for 4 months either due to the ban he picked up at the World Cup for biting Giorgio Chiellini.

This is what Cruyff’s on about. The club he worked hard at to instil certain values has now become a mirrored reflection of Real Madrid or everything Barça didn’t want to be.

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  1. Salman Rahman says

    what ever it is we still have a chance to buy another young central defender like Virij or Nastasic is available with low price .No doubt that about their talent.so we should take a try to lure them.

  2. Jermy mathieu is good player for barcelona everyone we will see next season

  3. Good day fcbarca.
    Why are we not going after top class defenders but spending lavishly on a 30 year old.
    This is worrying and we not solving the problem.


  4. Phumlani says

    Stuped, Stuped, Stuped by Barca i rly dnt knw wt rong with club. why they left Hummels nd his 25years old “Stuped” Barca

  5. okolo john says

    I think for me he is a good buy cos he is an experience defender who understands Spanish game.though age might not be on his side but he’s got 3 to 4 years of top football.

  6. sheikh omaru jalloh says

    I believe that we still have chance to buy at least two outstanding players in the market. the signing of mathieu is not a bad one but we still need blind, marquinos or nastasic. zubi please work very hard to secure some of the big names in the market.

  7. okumoh Joe says

    for barcelona sign mathieu, to my own opinion is wasting of money because the man is old already. atleast barca for sign player like Matt’s Hummel, Rojo, marqinho, David luiz e.t.c
    This players can solve barca defending problem.

  8. Nickya hlawnchhing says

    30 years defender is not needed…we need a world class defender…. I think he wouldn’t be able to overcome mascherano and Bartra.

  9. Aminu Adam says

    we Barcelona fans we only like Barcelona 2 sign a new defender’s only


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