Are Barcelona at risk of turning into Real Madrid?

Zlatan signs for Barcelona

This morning we are asking the question of whether Barcelona risk turning into Real Madrid.The last few seasons have seen Barça’s holier than holy image tarnished with scandals such as Messi’s tax evasion, Neymar’s final transfer fee culminating with the resigning of ex president Sandro Rosell as well as others.

With the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovich for a princely sum and more recently Neymar from Santos, it signalled a move away from Barcelona’s much acclaimed Masia youth program in search of superstars.

Now, with the imminent signing of Luis Suárez from Liverpool, it shows how far the Catalan giants are willing to detach themselves from their whiter than white image of bringing up young stars from their famed La Masia academy and do whatever it takes to get ahead in what looks more in tune to how Real Madrid behave. I’m not taking anything away from Real Madrid and a lot of big name clubs operate an open cheque book style of existence in their pursuit of landing the highest rated stars. But this was never Barça’s ethos and the signing of a player that has just been slapped with a four month ban by FIFA for biting an opponent for an astronomical sum, leaves most Catalans open-mouthed to say the least.

Barça’s trade off for buying the world’s best players is tarnishing their image and with their Unicef logo emblazoned on the team’s shirts, it just makes a mockery of what the club stands for.

No doubt some people will disagree with me but the facts are there for everyone to see. Barcelona has tried to distance itself from the Real Madrid model for many years and have done it successfully but with the buying of players like Ibrahimovich, Neymar and the soon to be added Suárez, the club seems bent on throwing all the good it has done over the years down the toilet.

Do you think Barcelona will tarnish their image further with the signing of Luis Suárez?

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