Right time for Luis Suárez to leave Liverpool says Balbi

Luis Suarez transfer news

It appears that the Luis Suárez rumour mill is well and truly in progress and the spanish press are working overtime on what appears to be their number one priority this summer.

The star’s Uruguayan teammates and father in law, who lives near Barcelona, are suggesting to Suárez that his time has come to an end at the Anfield club and he should look elsewhere.

Speaking on Spanish TV, Suárez’s father-in-law Gustavo Balbi said: “Luis has nothing left to prove in England. It’d be the right time to move to Spain,”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s one team or the other (Madrid or Barcelona). He will not go to another team in England out of respect for Liverpool.”

Mundo Deportivo continue to report that talks have opened up between the Blaugrana club and the striker and that Suárez is committed to playing for Barcelona next season.

Whilst the uruguayan would be a massive boost for Barcelona, the Nou Camp giants would still have to fend off any aggressive bids from Real Madrid, especially after Neymar went to Barcelona last year.

Balbi lives just outside Barcelona in Castelldefels, a half hour’s drive from the city and a place favoured for living by Barça’s elite footballers such as Lionel Messi. It is rumoured that the family will play an important part in any decision made by the Uruguayan hitman.

And Spanish football expert Guillem Balague, also indicated that “Barcelona is the club he wants to play for,” in his Bleacher Report UK column.

Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers had talks with suárez at the end of the season and was reassured he was happy at the Reds and didn’t want to move.

The Anfield club also confirmed that they have had no bids or even enquiries about the Uruguayan, despite expressing their own interest in Barça frontman Alexis Sanchez.

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  1. GrantMC says

    Media hugwash. He aint goin anywhere. Nothings been agreed there are no negotiations. Liverpool wont sell him for less than £100m and neither Real or Barcelona will pay that. The media are driven to print utter rubbish. The tirade of lies and crap are a rendition to world war germany’s Gobbels.

  2. peedubs says

    Funnily enough, its also the right time for Messi to leave Barca.

    Straight swap or stfu.

  3. Tom Pepper says

    Not if it means the INCOMPETENT IDIOT ayre and the SHAMBOLIC committee,get too spend the money ;-(
    Assaidi=LOANED OUT,Allen=Should be LOANED OUT,Borini=LOANED OUT,Aspas=Not good enough too be LOANED OUT,Alberto=LOANED OUT,Ilori=LOANED OUT,Sakho=Needs too sort his head OUT,Mignolet=FLAPPER,REINA is a far better keeper !!! NOW IM GOING TOO KEEP POSTING THIS,TILL LIVERPOOL FANS WAKE THE F*CK UP !!! All incompetent idiots OUT,including scouting network…

  4. penyabarcadelagos says

    Great piece here, hope suarez signs for us

  5. hey Grant you need to wake up and smell the coffee, if you honestly think you will see suarez play in a pool jersey again you are off your rocker. There is no hope he will be at pool next season, not a chance. Get real, you do not determine if he stays or not, no liverpool fans have a say it whatsoever. He only re-signed last season so he could get his release clause reinserted. It was his only way out of the club, to stay another year then split, don’t forget his behaviour last summer, it will be even worse this summer… he has no love nor loyalty to liverpool, those are the facts.


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    Valora en Bitacoras.com: Luis Suarez’s father in law reckons it’s the right time for his son in law to move on. Speaking on Spanish TV, Suárez’s father-in-law Gustavo Balbi said: “Luis has nothing left to prove in England. It’d be the right time t…