Is Luis Suarez to Barcelona a done deal?

luis suarez

According to Spanish media this morning, Uruguayan hitman Luis Suárez is on his way to the Nou Camp.

Mundo Deportivo and Sport both suggest that Liverpool’s Luis Suárez will join Barcelona in the summer transfer window. After breaking the England fan’s hearts with a magnificent performance for Uruguay at the World Cup where he single-handedly steered his country to a 2-1 win, is set to leave the Anfield club in search of pastures new at the Catalan giants say the two sports newspapers.

Reports last week suggested that Luis Suárez would spark a tug of war in Spain between the two of the top clubs, Real Madrid and Barça, and now sources reveal that the Catalan club are the most likely to capture the 27 year-old’s signature.

Mundo Deportivo’s front cover led with the caption ‘Sí al Barça’, meaning ‘Yes to Barca’, while rival newspaper Sport ran the headline ‘Me quiero ir del Liverpool’, meaning ‘I want to leave Liverpool’.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has his work cut out for him after the World Cup to try and keep Suárez at Liverpool. Rodgers practically spent the whole of last summer trying to keep away a handful of top English clubs who were interested in the Uruguayan’s signature

The Uruguayan hitman is currently preparing himself for his country’s vital game with Italy on Tuesday, with only the winner from this crunch match progressing from Group D to the last-16.

As Costa Rica surprised the world with a win over Italy in their last game, thus progressing to the last 16, there is only one slot up for grabs to join them. Luis Suárez is firing on all cylinders and he’s not at 100%, either! Everyone thought Costa Rica in Group D, nicknamed the group of death, would be an easy 3 points, but they proved the world wrong.

Can Luis Suárez guide his country to the last 16 on tuesday against the Azzurri? What do you think?

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  1. Tom Pepper says

    Aaron as much as I’d like Suarez too go to Barcelona ( Instead of Madrid ) I’m a Scouser and Liverpoolfc fan,so want the best deal possible 😉 John W Henry isn’t a fool,even with a clause will start a bidding war between whoever wants Suarez,and I think that Madrid will just outbid use lot….But most scousers and LFC fans would take Sanchez and £60.000.000 Million Pounds for LUIS SUAREZ 😉 BALLS IN BARCELONA’S CORNER NOW 😉

  2. Pretty sure Barca or any other team won’t be able to get him. Spanish papers are probably the most unreliable in the world. If you want to know the truth about this particular transfer saga (if you want to call it that), read the commentary from the Liverpool Echo. Hardly unbiased, but they do seem to report both good and bad news from a Liverpool point of view quite reliably. Basically, Suarez just signed a 4-5 year contract with Liverpool last season. It is rumoured (unverified) that his contract includes an 80m pound buy out clause which can only be activated if Liverpool fail to make CL. Suarez wanted to play CL with Liverpool and was quoted as saying this. He also has been quoted saying there is no specific clause in his contract relating to bids from any particular club, as has been rumoured. Barca are in a period of rebuilding. The best players in the world may see better places to go than Barca for the next few years at least. Perhaps Barca need to be aiming lower. More likely than not, Alexis Sanchez will be leaving Barca for the Premier League. He just may end up at Liverpool. Oh, the irony!

  3. You tell it like it isn’t! We had all this speculation last summer and it didn’t happen, and that was when Luis was banned and in a bad place in his head. Now he’s on double the wages, and tells everyone how happy he is at Liverpool and that Liverpool fans should not worry, “nothing will happen in the summer”. That was only a few weeks ago but we knew that Real and Barca would come knocking and here we are as predicted! Don’t believe the hype! He’s going nowhere!

  4. Yes can do it very well

  5. kingsley jerome tamah says

    We need him he is good

  6. I would love to see suarez playing for barcelona

  7. thabiti says

    yes for suarez to barca….bt barca must consider another midfilder like koke… also fullback right due to the absence of alves and center back marquinhos


  1. says:


    Valora en Spanish newspapers Sport and Mundo Deportivo are ramping up the news that Luis Suárez will be moving to the Nou Camp in the summer. The newspapers suggest that Suárez is set to leave Anfield this summer after Brendan Rogers…