Cesc not appreciated at Barcelona says Gerard Piqué

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Gerard Piqué criticises Barcelona’s stance on Fabregàs

Gerard Piqué had some scathing words for his club yesterday when he said that Barça and Spain teammate Cesc Fabregàs is not appreciated at the Catalan giants.

Piqué is good friends with Cesc and would not like to see his teammate leave the Camp Nou this summer.

Ex Manchester United player Gerard Piqué is fully aware of Cesc’s situation at the club and didn’t mince his words:

“I really like Cesc, I know he’s going through a tough time, because the club don’t appreciate him as much as they should,” he said at a press conference.
“He’s one of those players who’d be first-choice at any other club in the world, the star of the team. Despite that, he’s finding it harder at Barça,” he added.

Piqué also mentioned that Fabregàs has some doubts about staying at the Catalan giants but said that he did not know what his final decision would be.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do; we haven’t spoken about that,” he said.
Gerard Piqué finished off by saying: “I hope he stays, because if you look at his stats this season, he’s our highest-scoring midfielder and the one with the most assists. Of course I want him to stay with us.”

Piqué is one of those players that don’t say much but when they do, they tell it like it is. Barcelona is undergoing a summer clear out and Cesc appears to be on Barça’s “unwanted list”. According to sources,the club want to get back as much of the investment in the player as possible to make way for new signings and at the moment Fabregàs appears to be the darling of the Premier League. Barcelona will want to capitalise on that before they decide to keep him for another year. As Piqué pointed out, Cesc is Barça’s highest scoring midfielder and has the most assists. It will be a real shame to see the player walk out of the Camp Nou this summer.

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