Spain team to earn €720,000 euros each if they win World Cup

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Some news that is hitting the headlines recently is the unbelievable bonus package the Spain team will earn if they manage to pull off a second World Cup win in Brazil this summer. Each player stands to earn the astronomical sum of €720,000 euros if Spain wins the World Cup.

Maybe it’s not the astronomical sum of money each squad member will earn but the fact that Spain is going through a crippling economic crisis that’s hurting the country.

It’s an incredible amount of cash to splash around considering the country’s predicament with many youngsters unable to find work and receiving benefits from the state.

If Spain are finalists they will earn €360,000 euros each, €180,000 for being semifinalists, €90,000 for being quarter finalists and a rather nice €60,000 for making it past the group stage.

On the other hand, Germany, who you would think could pay more to their players will get around half of Spain’s fee if they managed to lift the World Cup on 13th July.

Given Spain’s economic climate, it’s ridiculous that its national team can be paid so much money while other countries that could “afford to do so” will be paying their players half that fee or less.

What do you think, should Spain be paying its players so much money given its precarious economic situation?

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