La Liga was turned upside down at the weekend

Spanish League

Infographic from Marca

The Spanish League has just witnessed a crazy weekend that put the race for the league title in the hands of the 3 top teams vying for the crown. Atlético Madrid lost their game against Levante by two goals to nil but surprisingly, neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona could capitalise on this minor “slip up” from Diego Simeone’s boys.

Real Madrid managed a 2-2 draw with Valencia while Barcelona did the same against Getafe. It was a great chance for Barça to sneak right behind Atlético and put the wind up Simeone’s men but alas, it wasn’t to be.

All three top teams could win the league now with only Atlético depending on themselves. If they manage to win four points out of their last two games, then they will be crowned champions.However, if Real Madrid win all three of their last games and Atlético lose won, the title will go to Real Madrid. Barcelona has to win both remaining games with Real Madrid drawing or losing one of theirs in order to become league champions.

The Spanish league this season has all the rest of the European leagues in awe. This year it hasn’t been the two horse race we have been accustomed to in recent years. Simeone looks like finishing this fairytale season off in style for Atlético and if he does, then that’s great for Spanish football in my opinion. Of course, we all want Barcelona to win the league by a miracle but maybe this year it’s a time to reflect on the season, take a step back and take a hard look at the squad.

Martino looks certain to go and we don’t know who’ll replace him. It may be Luis Enrique as he has Barcelona’s DNA in him, who knows?

Barcelona also look set to offload players in a bid to clear out the unwanted and the under used. I don’t think the fans would be too happy if Barça manage to win the league this season. It would be a league with no merit in my opinion and I’m sure the fans would like the club to return to their old ways and win the league like they used to. Of course, if they did win, it would be an euphoric moment, but for how long?

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