Barcelona and Real gear up for tonight’s Clasico final

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Can Messi be decisive in tonight’s Copa del Rey showdown?

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are geared up for tonight’s Copa del Rey showdown in Valencia. It’s one of those unpredictable matches and I cannot commit myself to an outcome despite Barcelona being third in the League title race and Real Madrid being above them. This is a special event, a special cup and anything can happen. Martino said that even if Barcelona win, questions will still need answering about Barcelona’s recent losses and style of play.

It’s quite literally a match that could define the seasons of both clubs. For Martino, it could mean redemption from a season blighted with bad news and scandal and a chance to make good with the fans as the League title has all but slipped from his team’s grasp after the 1-0 defeat at the hands of Granada at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Martino’s opposite number Carlo Ancelotti, has yet to win anything with the “merengues” and hasn’t been able to beat Barcelona in at least five outings. Real Madrid would benefit from a win tonight in Valencia as it would “gee them up” for the final hurdle of La Liga and also give them a boost as they are still in the Champions League competition and are aiming for their tenth European Cup title. Considering the last four teams playing the semi finals, ‘Los Blancos’ would need all the help they could get to carry off such a feat.

La Copa del Rey may also be Madrid’s only realistic shot at some much needed silverware following the barren season last year after the departure of Jose Mourinho. Madridistas will also be desperate to see Iker Casillas lift the King’s Cup aloft, too.

Tonight will be a case of which side wants this cup the most – Barça or Real Madrid.

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    Valora en Barcelona and Real Madrid gear up for tonight’s Clasico final of La Copa del Rey or Kings Cup. It takes place in Valencia and kickoff is scheduled for 21:30 local time (GMT+1). A win would benefit both teams and in the end it.…