Outspoken Cruyff sticks the boot into Barcelona

johan cruyff

Cruyff sticks the boot into Barcelona

Ex Barcelona player and coach Johan Cruyff has stuck the boot into the Barça Board of Directors and has been very critical with his words. Cruyff’s outspokenness comes in the aftermath of Barcelona crashing out of the Champions League to La Liga rivals Atlético Madrid. The Dutchman highlighted above all, Tata Martino’s lack of clout when it comes to decision making.

“You can’t fault him because he is doing what he can. But it’s really hard to manage a team if no one lets you,” he explained.

“The one that should make the decisions in the dressing room is the coach, but for the last four years this hasn’t been the case, it’s been somebody else. They even sold a player that Pep Guardiola wanted, Chigrinsky,” he said. Cruyff then went on to say that this team is “not my Barça”.

Cruyff then went on to speak about Barcelona crashing out of the Champions League: “I understand that the fans are sad, but not angry. After beating Real Madrid, Messi was the best player in the world and now he’s the worst,” he said.

The Dutchman also rubbished claims that the Catalan giants’ players are less enthusiastic. “It’s nonsense, why would they lose their enthusiasm? Messi is a great player. He’s got a street mentality, and there you want to win every day and be the best,” he explained. As far as the organisation is concerned, he added that what has happened at the club recently “is awful”.

Cruyff also highlighted the fact that Brazilian Neymar earns more than most of the Barça squad despite his years: “I don’t blame him. He’s come out of it badly, a victim. He needs to learn from his mistakes.”

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  1. Why Barca for once go back for Cruyff. Messi should NOT be blame for barca exit frm the champs lig,infact he is not 11 players on the field.O SAY BARCA !! WISE UP.