Barca’s problem is Neymar alleges legend Cruyff

Neymar Junior

Cruyff believes that the bringing on board of the young talented Brazilian at FC Barcelona has caused lots of problems and unbalanced the club. The signing of the ex Santos star has also led to the high profile resignation of Barça President Sandro Rosell.

Spanish press AS quotes the Dutch legend as saying that despite Neymar’s talent, to pay him more than established players at Barcelona is a great mistake.

“At Barca and every team in the world, the manager should be the boss,” said Cruyff.

“That’s why Pep Guardiola left, because the board was too involved and was selling players.

“Neymar is the problem at Barca. He’s a great player, that’s indisputable, but you can’t sign a 21-year-old and pay him more than players who have won everything.”

Johan Cruyff also pointed out that it may be Neymar who suffers most in the end.

“You can’t be 21-years-old and be a God. Barca already have the best player in the world,” he added.

“At 21 no one is a God. This is impossible in football. At 26, perhaps, but not at 21.

“It’s a pity because it can cause damage. Neymar is a great player but he can be damaged by this.”

Asked about a possible role at the Nou Camp after Rosell’s resignation, Cruyff said: “I travel a lot so I’m not always in Barcelona.” “It’s something we would have to discuss.

“I didn’t see El Clasico because I was flying but I was surprised by the result because there were so many goals,” said the Dutchman.

“From now on, every game is a final for Barca, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

“Atletico’s consistency is commendable since they don’t have a big squad.”

Cruyff is no stranger to controversy and his harsh words might not go down too well with the club who have been rejuvenated by last Sunday’s Clasico win over Real Madrid.

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