Xavi loves English football but sees move to EPL impossible

Barca’s midfield maestro Xavi Hernández admits he could never play in the English Premier League despite his love for the great culture in England.

Xavi Hernández

Xavi Hernández could never leave Barcelona

Xavi has won everything a footballer could ask for including seven Spanish League titles, three champions League trophies and a World Cup winners medal, to name but a few. The 34 year old made his debut for FC Barcelona in 1998 and hasn’t looked back since. However, despite his love for the English game, the midfield general told the Sun newspaper that he could never leave the Catalan giants.

The midfielder, who has also won two European Championships with Spain as well as the World Cup affirmed: ‘I never thought of leaving like Cesc Fabregas, who went to Arsenal.

‘If I had played for Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea, I’d keep asking what is going on at my club.

Most of the big English clubs that would be able to sign the maestro know that getting him is an impossible task, mostly due to the fact that he loves his city and club and wouldn’t change either for the world.

‘I’ve no regrets at all, but I still think at times that I would have loved to play in England. You live football over there, it’s a great culture.

‘People respect you more, it’s more difficult to find respect in Spain. There is more criticism here.’

Xavi Hernández deserves respect and when you play for Barcelona and have the opportunity of hanging up your boots there, it’s an opportunity that doesn’t come knocking twice. The only thing that might sway the midfielder’s decision would be if he ever became “surplus to requirements” – something that doesn’t look like happening in the not too distant future.

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