Barcelona will move heaven and earth to avoid Messi leaving says Rosell

Sandro Rosell

Sandro Rosell says he will move heaven and earth to keep Messi at the club

FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, said that while he is in charge of the Azulgrana club, he will do everything possible and in his power to keep Messi at the Catalan giants.

Days after vice president Javier Faus doubted the need to renew the Argentine star’s contract “every six months”, Rosell has given a completely different account of things.

Although Rosell has stated that a contract renewal has not been agreed with the Argentine player, it appears that negotiation talks are open and ongoing and that is why the star’s people were surprised at Javier Faus’ statements.

“It would be extremely difficult for Messi to leave the club,” said the club’s president. Rosell has also avoided confirmation on the contract renewal of one of their other top stars – Andrés Iniesta, although it is believed to be very close to completion.

As for the future of the Camp Nou stadium where the club has proposed building a new one in Avenida Diagonal or renovating the current one as an ongoing project, Rosell said that both options are good except for one: “not doing anything”.

In any case, the Barcelona president believes that “its members will make the right decision”. The idea of the club is to leave the final decision regarding the stadium project to its members.

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