Barca’s new stadium to be covered and bigger than Camp Nou

Camp Nou Barcelona

Barca’s new stadium will be covered and bigger than the Camp Nou

It is still quite unclear where the site will be, but the new FC Barcelona stadium will most certainly be covered and will have a capacity for 105,000 spectators, roughly 7,000 more than the current Camp Nou. The board of directors has two options in mind; rebuild the Camp Nou where it is or build a new one on Avenida Diagonal, which is not too far away.

The board is still considering these two options and the first half of January will be used to decide to see what alternatives are presented to the club’s members to make their choice in a referendum.

The first option would be to build a new stadium on Avenida Diagonal, on some land currently owned by the University of Barcelona.

The other option, however, would be a kind of progressive reconstruction of the current Camp Nou where the team plays now.

Larger and covered
However, according to some news by Barca spokesman Toni Freixa, the result in both cases would be “covered with a capacity to hold 105,000 spectators, plus a smaller Palau or stadium with capacity for 12,000 spectators,” he said.

The Barcelona spokesman declined to go much deeper into the subject and invited the Barcelona members and fans to wait until January, as once a decision by the board has been made, a thorough explanation of what each alternative means will be given before going to referendum.

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