Alex Song: “Cesc has shown me the way”

song and fabregas

Alex Song: “Cesc has shown me the way”

Barca faltered against Athletic: “It is not a crime and not an emergency. We know we lost but we are professionals, we have great players in the squad and we all know how to focus again. . .”
After two losses in a row, the team gave a great performance in the Kings Cup (Copa del Rey) against Cartagena: “We have been self critical and now we can look forward to better things. It’s what we do every day in training, and the coaching staff is also aware.”

Looking ahead to the Celtic match and the group stage of the Champions League, Song highlighted: “We want to win the game and give a good performance. We have a lot to prove after the last match in the Champions League. I’m calm because we are always prepared and eager to play well.”

The Cameroon is in his second season with FC Barcelona. “Compared to the first year I feel better because when you arrive to a new country with a new language and a new culture, there is an adaptation period. I found here a large family who have welcomed me with open arms.”

The ex Arsenal FC player is delighted with teammate Cesc Fabregas: “He’s like a brother to me who has reached out his hand and taught me the way. I immediately felt good.”

Alex Song is happy with his Barcelona experience: “Now I feel better. I understand the language better even though I don’t express myself too well at the moment. Life and adaptation have been easy and I’m happy to be here.”

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