Messi’s injuries nothing to do with Guardiola leaving says Zubizarreta

But it now appears that the Ballon D’Or is a matter between Real Madrid and Barcelona. I do not understand,” said Zubizarreta.

Speaking about the injury Valdes picked up against South Africa, he said: “The injuries show that we can’t be talking about names for the first team or even alternatives. The goal will be well covered.”

Speaking of Gerardo “Tata” Martino, he said that the new coach’s work was excellent.

Zubizarreta also felt optimistic about the continuity of Andres Iniesta and Marc Bartra. “Regarding the renewals of Iniesta and Bartra, he assured that they were reasonably going in the right direction. He also pointed out that Andres Iniesta didn’t ask for the return of Emili Ricart.

When asked about Iker Casillas and Real Madrid, Zubizarreta said that the goalkeeper meant a lot to Real Madrid. He said that Casillas deserves respect and that he hadn’t been tempted to try and lure him to Barcelona.

Speaking about Alexis Sanchez, he said that the Chilean has won over the Camp Nou. He noted that Alexis is now very good, but had been the source of debate for two years.

On Frenchman Eric Abidal and the ensuing World Cup, Zubizarreta said he was marvelled at what the player was accomplishing. He said he was delighted for him and wished him all the best.

Zubizarreta ended with a nod to Vilanova: “Tito’s getting along he, has a lot of willpower.”

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    Valora en Barca’s Sports Director Andoni Zubizarreta was speaking out about Leo Messi’s situation on Radio station, Cope: “Messi’s injuries have nothing to do with the leaving of Pep Guardiola. I think Messi is the best player in…