Leo Messi: “I’ll be back when my body says I’m OK”

Leo Messi

Leo Messi says he’ll return to play when his body says so

“I’m not worried, really. This injury happened because it had to happen. There is nothing unusual or anything to look back on. A knock, a bad move and I was injured,” said the Argentine.

As to whether it has something to do with having played too many friendly matches, Leo says that “picking up an injury is not good, but I wouldn’t have changed anything at all. This injury happened because it had to happen. I’m not the only one playing lots of games this season. Everyone in the league does. Games during vacations are just distractions without any pressure. We meet up, play and help out with any social issues. I enjoy it,” he said.

“I will continue with the same plan that had been set out at the start of the season. One shouldn’t read too much into it,” says Leo. Regarding a change in his diet, Messi explained, “these are things that are said without any knowledge. It’s not true. My diet is the same as always. People have invented lots of stories. I carry on the same as always. And I began the preseason with my ideal weight to reach the end of the season feeling good. There are no changes and this has helped me over the past few years.”

As to whether he will continue to play as many minutes as before even though his assistance is not required, Messi said, “while I feel good, I’ll play whatever is needed. I shouldn’t have to give myself limits. I know that when the coach wants me off, he’ll substitute me and that’s it.

Finally, about his plans, Messi explained, “I do not know if I’m going to Argentina but it looks that way. The plan is to start playing again when my body tells me that I’m ok.”

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