Xavi Hernández: “Changing our style would be foolish”

xavi hernandez

Xavi: “Changing our style would be a mistake”

Xavi continued: “Our philosophy is about having the ball and going on the attack. We’ve achieved a lot with that style and we shouldn’t be thinking about changing it, we’re convinced of that. We’re not bothered about any debate – there is no debate in the dressing room. We have clear, established ideas and the coach has repeated that on several occasions”.

When the midfielder was asked which was more important – Barca’s famous one touch football coined ‘tiki-taka’ or getting results, Xavi commented: “Both things went hand in hand”. “We try to play good football and we believe the results will follow. That’s the Barça way; that’s how we look at football, knowing that playing the right way gets results”, he said.

Xavi also dismissed as nonsense suggestions of a lack of fitness: “We feel good, there are no physical issues. We’re even covering more ground than in other years. What we need to do is improve our collective play, but that aside we’re on the right track and playing good football. Maybe not as brilliant as in other years, but we feel at ease and are very active going forward. Perhaps we lack a bit of spark in some games, but we’re doing well and are in fantastic shape”.

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