Neymar is beginning to lead Barcelona

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Neymar is beginning to lead Barcelona

Just when the supporters note some concern with Messi, the Brazilian’s offensive game is starting to impress Tata Martino. His cheeky football against Sidnei and Raul Rodriguez in the derby was a work of art. Neymar’s performances in Barca’s results are being compared to that of Leo now.

The two have been decisive in nine games; either scoring or providing goal assists. The thing that is most remarkable is that the former Santos player is excelling now that the Argentine is taking a breather.

He has scored four goals but the best is his ability to team up with anyone who understands his genius. He was decisive in the title of the Spanish Supercup in the first leg by scoring a header at the Vicente Calderon.

He has also scored against Real Sociedad, Valladolid and Real Madrid. As far as goal assists go, he is already the most productive of the squad with eight, one more than Cesc, who has seven. Valencia, Sevilla, Ajax, Rayo Vallecano, Real Sociedad , Valladolid, Real Madrid and finally, Espanyol have all succumbed to his creativity.

Neymar has emulated other major world players. With humility and a lot of respect, the striker has been letting loose his talent. First it was a trickle of talent, then a constant stream. His final explosion came in the Clasico against Real Madrid and was not just pure coincidence.

In the dressing room, the players rate his quality but above all, his empathy. He is able to partner with everyone. Up to four players so far have taken advantage of his particular vision of football – mostly Messi and Alexis. Each has been gifted with three goal assists courtesy of Neymar.

Messi was one of the reasons why he came to Barcelona. Neymar is the first to be beside the 4th time Ballon d’Or winner and Pedro and Pique are others who have been helped by his understanding of football.

The fans excited about his signing. The 57 million Euros paid seems like a bargain price. Neymar has passed all tests with flying colours. His power and authority on the pitch seem inexhaustible and without a shadow of a doubt, his understanding of football is quite simply stunning to watch.

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    we fans of barcaa we are happy with world best player to be up neymar da silva junior.


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