Messi to pace himself for World Cup 2014 says Mascherano

Javier Mascherano gave an interview to the Argentine magazine El Grafico and talked about his Barca and international teammate Leo Messi. The defender acknowledged that the Argentine wizard knows what he has been through this year in terms of injuries and will therefore pace himself in order to reach the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in the best physical shape.

Javier Mascherano also refered to the debate about the new style of play by Barcelona. “We won 0-4 against Rayo Vallecano, but they had more ball possession, 51% -49%. Mascherano thinks it’s an absurd debate trumped up by the media and press. “The team is still the same and if you have the chance to reach the goal with three touches, it’s pointless to pass the ball 20 times so the opposition can get comfortable,” he says.

As for Tata Martino, Mascherano says: “He told us: ‘I am not here to change anything, but to recover things I saw this team doing that in recent times has not been doing”.

In a few hours Barcelona take on local rivals Espanyol at the Nou Camp. kick off is at 21:00 local time and will be Martino’s first local derby as manager. Although there are still a few doubts about Barca’s style, the club remains without reproach regarding the results it has picked up so far this season.

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    Valora en FC Barcelona defender Javier Mascherano was talking to Argentine magazine El Grafico and spoke about fellow patriot and teammate Leo Messi.. Mascherano acknowledged that Messi knows what he’s been through this season regardin.…