Why does nobody believe Neymar?

neymar fouled

Does Neymar go to ground too easily?

This can explain why the referee did not blow his whistle on Saturday at the Valladolid game for the two penalties claimed by the Brazilian, and why several managers have complained about his attitude on the pitch.

The first to accuse Neymar was Celtic manager Neil Lennon, who last Tuesday witnessed how his team was left with 10 players after the sending off of Brown. The Scot had kicked out at the Brazilian’s arm, who was left on the floor as a result of the tackle on him. The pain Neymar gestured was defined by Lennon as “theatrics” .

The Celtic manager was joined by Valladolid’s manager Juan Ignacio Martínez, who after Saturday’s game (4-1 ) , complained about the Brazilian: “Neymar has a defect but I will not say what it is,” said Martínez, who refused to reveal what it was but then hinted that it concerned the alleged diving antics of the Barcelona striker. They were two instance in the first half that ended with Neymar on the floor inside the penalty area without the referee giving anything, and which completely enraged the Nou Camp.

Neymar defends himself
Neymar defended himself after the match. Not wanting to argue with the referees or with the Valladolid manager, he wanted to make it clear that he had been fouled and they were both penalty kicks.

Asked about the controversial actions, Neymar did not mince his words, and confirmed that he had been steamrollered: “For me they are both penalties.” The Brazilian neither wanted to be overly dramatic about the referee, who waved play on: “Everyone on the pitch has the right to be wrong but we were sad because the ref didn’t blow for either of the two penalties at a time when we needed them.”

Mourinho joins the criticism
Mourinho helped to add fuel to the fire yesterday by directly accusing Neymar as a diver. ” What about Neymar and Balotelli? It is something that corresponds to the footballing authorities. I am nobody; I’m just giving my humble opinion. If nothing is done, they will do it again next week. My players know they will have a problem with me if they dive. I have told them many times that I hate it, it is very wrong. To try and get another player a red card is a disgrace. If I ever win a game and I felt that the behaviour of my players was incorrect, I would criticise them harshly, ” said the Chelsea coach after winning yesterday at Norwich.

Since Neymar joined Barcelona, his fame as a player who feigns fouls, especially within the penalty area, has dogged him, thus generating a debate that has now reached its tipping point. Although sometimes it is shown that the Brazilian is in the right, his spectacular falls puts into question the actual existence of a foul in the first place. From Barca’s viewpoint, it’s the complete opposite, and the club feels that the referees don’t  blow their whistles enough.

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