Neymar was a nightmare for Celtic’s defense

neymar caused problems for celtic

Over the course of the match, Neymar got more and more involved. He provoked a few yellow cards along with the Red shown to Celtic’s Brown for aggression in the second half, which was crucial for Lennon’s team as it left them with half an hour to go with a man less. And, to round it off, he was instrumental in Barca’s goal, holding the ball and finding Alexis with pinpoint accuracy on the right to cross for a head-in by Cesc Fabregas, sending the keeper the wrong way.

Tata Martino commented on the Neymar’s performance: “I did not need to watch the game today to realise the type of player he is. He brings a lot to the team, even in defense. Players like him and Leo, who can both unbalance a team, are very necessary when a side tightens up at the back. ”

Neymar gave the Barca fans a few scares, too. It was in the first half when a header by Izaguirre left him groggy. The Barcelona medics, after a quick examination, asked for a change, but the player insisted on going back onto the field.

Argentine coach Martino, on seeing that there were just a few minutes left of the first half, decided to allow him back on and then later in the dressing room decided he should continue in the second half.

Neil Lennon complained at a press conference after the match that Neymar had exaggerated to get Brown sent off. Martino would not go into debate: “From my position I could not see what happened”.

Video evidence suggests that Brown took a swipe at Neymar’s left arm while on the ground after the Celtic player went in hard on the Brazilian.

In the first half, Neymar was caught out play-acting to which the ref looked at him signaling him to get up and get on with play.

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  1. mark edwards says

    Not surprisingly, from a Celtic perspective, I would beg to disagree! Celtic were poor on Tuesday, but even taking that into account, the defence had one of their more comfortable evenings against the former ‘best team in the world.’ In particular, Lustig had a particularly easy match, with the £48million new signing for Barca rarely forcing the Swede to break into a sweat. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching FC Barcelona play, but I feel that Neymar adds very little to the team and the only thing he will bring to this season will be as La Liga’s main challenger to Gareth Bale as ‘diver of the year’.

  2. Yes he was a nightmare for Celtic as was Balotelli for Ajax both going down when anyone got near them.

    This is a shameful part of the modern game and why it is accepted is beyond me.

    Commentators also try to make light of it by politely calling it simulation instead of cheating.

    Shame on them all!

  3. gerry123 says

    what sickens fans is when these cheats dive they then feign injury in order
    to get their opponent red carded ,cheating is a drug

  4. Jim Wood says

    It is a sad day when a player brings down the reputation of one of the greatest clubs to have ever played the game of football. It is worse when he does so in the stadium of brothers. To be a Celt of Irish Scots ancestry is to be a Catalan in Spain. We have nothing but respect for decent players and human beings in Glasgow, we will cheer a legend off the park (look at the reception Iniesta got on departing the park in the 88th minute).
    It is sad to think that we felt the need to boo a player in those sacred colours. We will compete sure, we no longer have the finesse obviously but we do demand honesty. Neymar was disrespectful of all that we at Celtic hold dear. I think he was disrespectful of all that Barca hold dear too.
    More than a club means just that. Maybe somebody should tell Neymar what that means.


  1. Información

    Valora en Every Barca fan had their eyes on Neymar. With the absence of Messi, the Brazilian had to take over the team’s attacking strategy.There was going to be no hiding at all. From the outset, the Brazilian sought to break Celtic…